Show me your favorite Halloween costumes (of YOU)! As a cosplayer you usually go light on Halloween or reuse the ones you have for cons. I’ll start and post my favorites (Halloween and cons):
This will always be my favorite hands down. It was also the most labor intensive, broke, tears fell, and yelling...
Full shot of it.
Last year’s Halloween. (Seeing movies at Seattle Art Museum with Mrs. Charles.)
T(ony)-(W)rex. It didn’t work. I tried to get a repulsor glove after, but the fan battery pack popped and started catching fire.
A few con ones. Loved the broken voice kid who apologized while taking the pic with me.
I have Spider-Man Noir somewhere...I’ll have to go look. I also have Hannibal? I didn’t prep for this thread. Tonight’s will be posted later, I promise.
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