Well, folks, it’s that time again. Halloween time. Time to count down the OFFICIAL TOP 31 THINGS ABOUT HALLOWEEN 2020. Let’s do this
31. Rot (Rot drops a bit after rising to 27 on last year’s list. It has appeared on every countdown since 2013.)
30. Chainsaw Guys
29. Demons (A big drop for Demons, who’ve hovered close to the top ten since their debut on the countdown in 2018)
28. Castles (Castles make a triumphant return this year, having not made the countdown since 2014)
27. Eerie Voice on the Wind
26. Spiders
25. Masked Fiends
24. Full Moon
23. Creatures (After making the top ten last year, perennial fan-favorite Creatures see a steep drop.)
22. Rattling Chains
21. Witches
20. Phantoms
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