Halloween question thread ♡
whats your favorite movie to watch on halloween?
If you could dress up as anything for Halloween, what would it be?
Whats your favorite scary movie?
Whats the best part of halloween?
Did you carve a pumpkin this year?
Did you dress up this year? If so, as what?
Whats the best Halloween candy?
Are y'all still being safe and social distancing on halloween?
What's an ideal couples costume that you would love to do with someone
Whats you favorite thing that you've ever dressed up as?
Who are you spending Halloween with this year?
Did any of you do a ghost photo shoot?
What is one thing you always relate to halloween? For example, it's scary movies for me
Have you watched hocus pocus this year?
Have you decorated this year for Halloween? If so, how did you decorate
Do you binge scary movies on halloween?
Best Disney Halloween movie?
What is your favorite Halloween episode of a tv show? For me its the buffy one where they turn into their costumes.
Do you know that I care about you and want you to be safe? I do. Please be safe whatever you do
Have you gone to a spooky forest or field place this year where the people jump at you?
Is halloween you favorite holiday ever?
End of thread, have a safe Halloween, I love all of you happy halloween <3
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