Some quick observations on about the #Georgia 🇬🇪 elections, now that results are starting to trickle in... #gvote20 #gvote2020
Unsurprisingly, Georgian Dream appear to have won an overall majority. They have led polling throughout the campaign and had a large organisational advantage over their opponents. They’ve done a solid job managing coronavirus and that seems to have been rewarded by the public.
Bidzina Ivanishvili appears set to continue to cast a long shadow over all aspects of political life in Georgia. This is not helpful for perceptions of Georgia globally - he would have more credibility if he ran for office in his own right. He’s in power but not accountable.
While the centre-right United National Movement (of former President Saakashvili) are the dominant opposition force, smaller parties mean a more varied and interesting oppo. overall - from libertarian (and fun) Girchi to the impressive new liberal party Lelo.
The opposition in #Georgia has been plagued by internecine warfare for years. They’ve singularly failed to articulate a reason to hire them. A period of serious introspection is needed if they are to pose any serious challenge in 2024.
Georgian Dream have made some serious improvements in respect of the types of people on their PR list - even if many of their constituency representatives continue to reflect “old” Georgia. I honestly couldn’t tell you what the party’s ideology was other than keeping power.
I’m personally disappointed to see such poor results for European Georgia, many of whose MPs I feel are passionate (perhaps *too* passionate) and loyal servants of their country. Let’s hope we see more of them in the future.
The unabashedly pro-Russian forces in the shape of so-called Alliance of Patriots and the Nino Burjanadze block have thankfully flopped. It’s a clear signal that pro-Moscow sentiment continues to have no cache amongst Georgians. Be in no doubt: this is a pro-western state.
This is, in essence, a status quo election. Let’s hope that Georgia’s leaders remain committed to a pro-western, pro-NATO, Atlanticist path. The global economic crisis is going to pose huge challenges that malign forces in the country may seek to harness. They must be resisted.
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