His years in college has earned him a name—a “clever” nickname.

They call him Kirishima “Re-Rebound” Eijirou.

To be specific, he’s Bakugou Katsuki’s rebound.

To be even more specific, he’s Bakugou Katsuki’s only rebound.
For every relationship bump, for every date gone to shit, for every meet-cute gone bad.

It isn’t shy of a fact around campus that Kirishima has become Bakugou’s designated rebound boy.
“Bakugou broke up with that Todoroki heir. The one with the weird hair? All rich and quiet? Yeah.”
“Did you hear, Bakugou ended things with that girl with, what’s her name? Uraraka? And get this—she left him for Midoriya.”
“Hey! Bakugou officially went split with that jumpy kid from the Electrical Engineering course. Yeah the one that got into that cringe compilation last term?”
The rumors (how it goes—intricate details and all) and the people involved can change every time, the few things that ever stay constant was:
One, Bakugou broke up with someone.

Two, Kirishima will surely be found around campus walking with him to class the next day for sure.

With a telltale hickey on his neck. And the limp in his step being embarrassingly obvious too.
Kirishima doesn’t like it.

He hates the nickname, hates the reputation, and he hated the looks—greasy looks, do-overs, double takes—that he gets every time.
And he swears not to let it happen again.

But then again...
He can’t help it.

Most especially when Katsuki would knock at his door, around midnight, with this expectant look in his eyes, emphasized (glowing even) as he frowns.

“It didn’t work out?” Kirishima asks.
“His family was annoying as hell.”
“She was too much to deal with.”
“No, not him. Never dating a guy like that again.”
And it pulls him, this feeling of wanting to comfort and be the person who changes him.

It was silly and stupid and makes him feel like a used napkin and sends him to several moments where he stares at himself in the mirror.
And, he wants to stop, he really does.

But Katsuki pulls him close, gives him this weak-to-his-knees hug, peppers him with kisses that’ll send him breathless and asks, in this gentle, almost desperate voice.
“Can I sleep with you tonight?”
Kirishima says yes.
“What the hell is he mad about this time?”

Sero laughs at the office chatter, turns to Sato who looks exasperated to be even breathing the same air as their Bakugou Katsuki—their big, mean, and (extra) angry boss.
“I’ll bet you twenty bucks he’s mad about a pen running dry.” Sato bets.

“Double it. He’s probably not even mad, my Boss senses are telling me that’s just his regular face on.”
Sero lights up as Yaoyorozu, the Office Secretary—who had the nearest cubicle to Bakugou—walks in.
“Hey, Yaomomo. What’s Big Bad Bakuwolf mad about this time?”

“You know he’ll chew you out for that nickname one day. And we have to pretend we don’t know you.”Yaoyorozu says, grabbing a cup from the office kitchen counter.
“And he’s not mad. That’s just his regular face on.”
Sero guffaws, slaps Sato at the back, and leaves the room.

“You owe me lunch!”
In the years of his continuous uphill climb in the corporate ladder, Bakugou Katsuki has earned himself not several nicknames (they won’t stick anyway) but a solid reputation for being one of the worst people to be working for.
Sero thinks it’s an exaggeration.
“Hey, Tapeface!”
“Yes, bossman?” Sero answers from just behind the glass door.

“Get me coffee.”

“Roger.” He walks to the side with a charming salute. “Will get you that coffee, no problemo.”
Sero is absolutely not getting that coffee for Bakugou.
It wasn’t even because he didn’t want to do it.

It was seriously one of the easiest jobs there, plus he knows he can make a mean cup of coffee.
But Bakugou was incredibly picky with how he likes his coffee.

To make it worse, he can’t even describe how he wants it. Sero’s heard all the possible complaints to come out of him from a single cup of coffee.
“Too sweet.”

“Too bitter.”

“This is literally warm milk, do you want me to fire you?”
Yeah, no. He wasn’t digging that at all.

Sero looks around, finds someone to pass the task to, eyes lighting up at the sight of bright red.

“Hey, new hire! I got a job for you!”
Bakugou would obliterate the sun if he could or, at least, remember to draw the curtains close next time.

Instead he rolls over, grabs the duvet covering him, and throws his arm over to his right expecting a familiar and warm body to hold.
But immediately sits up, almost flings out of bed as he instead feels vacancy.
Bakugou looks around, panicked; swears he slept with him the night before.


He steps out of bed, puts on a shirt from one of the drawers, and exits out of the room.
Relief instantly flooded him as he heard humming from the kitchen, and then the unmistakable whistle of the kettle.

Bakugou grins.

Eijirou was making coffee.
He turns the left corner of the hallway and smiles softly at the welcoming sight of Eijirou wearing his shirt from the night before, humming and tapping the counter to the beat of whatever song was playing in his head.
Bakugou snakes his arms around his waist, plants open-mouthed kisses down the column of his neck and rests his chin on his shoulder; admiring the litter of marks and bites that adorn his chest.

Eijirou looked very beautiful.
“Good morning.”

Eijirou laughs, and Bakugou swears his heart stutters.

“To you and your morning breath, Katsuki.”

“Bet you’d still kiss me, though.”

“I would in a heartbeat.”
Eijirou shimmies around his hold and turns to offer him his coffee.

Bakugou gets one arm off of Kirishima as he takes the mug and sips carefully, sighing dreamily at his drink.

His Eijirou always made the best coffee.
“D’ya like it?”

“As always.”

“I can teach you how I make it.”

Bakugou finishes his drink before answering.
“Why would I when you’re right here to make it?” He says, a sincere fond smile with it. “You’d do it so much better anyway.”

Kirishima’s eyes sadden at the response, makes sure to look away before continuing to speak.
“I’m not always gonna be here, Katsuki.” Kirishima winces at the sudden tension, a need to light the mood surfaces. “Like what if I wake up late, yanno?”
The actual meaning of his words doesn’t fly over Bakugou’s head.

He knew what he meant.

But for the sake of his sanity and the ever-increasing tightness in his chest, he ignores it.
“Then I’ll...” Bakugou hums then runs his hands down Kirishima’s sides, knowing just how ticklish he is. “...do this!”

Kirishima laughs loudly, weak to the touch, playfully slapping his arms. “Katsuki! Seriously!”
Bakugou stops and Kirishima lets out a few more chuckles, cheeks glowing in response to being tickled.

He then rests his warm hands on Bakugou, cupping his face fondly, and looking deep into his red eyes.
This felt nice.
Bakugou’s eyes widen, his feet feel cold and Kirishima mirrors the reaction, catching himself and stumbling over his words.
“I...think you should cook breakfast today.”

“Great idea.”
Bakugou lets go of him like he’s burning and Kirishima busies himself with anything but looking at the blonde.
That was too close.

And far too soon.
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—if you haven’t caught up so far, this is a (college) past to present (office) kind of comparison.
—(tentative) other ships for now: seromina, todoiidana, kamijirou, izuocha
—wish I could tell you where the story is headed cause idk myself. This is ✨spontaneous✨
—definitely happy end
—most probably really long
—gonna go like a kdrama with chill, lighthearted vibes but with a good touch of drama mwah!
“You’re really something to be bringing Bakugou this drink.”
Yaoyorozu nervously glances to the cup of coffee in front of her.

Looking just a bit too light—too much cream?, could be too much sugar?—for what she believes The Boss would like.
“He almost fired you last time.”

“That’s cause I actually gave him warm milk.” Sero grins playfully. Yaoyorozu doesn’t find it amusing. “Calm down, Yaomomo. Besides, I didn’t make it. The new hire did.”
“You’re sadistic. You have to be.”

“Think of it as some initiation ritual.”

“Stop making the office sound like a frat house!”
Sero wiggles his eyebrows and Yaoyorozu surrenders. “Fine.”

Sero comically gestures to the entrance of Bakugou’s office.

Yaoyorozu takes a few deep breaths before entering, flinching at the hawk-like glare her entrance is met with.
“Your coffee, sir.” She walks by his desk. “And papers from the Osaka branch that’ll need your signature regarding the employee transfer?”
“Employee transfer...”

“As discussed in our previous meeting, the Osaka branch had to make cuts in manpower and Head Office proposed that some employees be transferred to other branches to soften the blow.”

“And we have how many employees coming to our office?”
“Just one. A tight squeeze too, if I may comment. The transfer hire is apparently one of their bests.”
Bakugou hums, signs the paper without a second glance, and sips from his coffee.

Yaoyorozu watches his reaction, prepares for how he’d blow.
There’s the widening of eyes, the fuming of his nostrils, the frown in his face; all that’s left is the string of curses.
Instead, he takes another sip.

And another, and another, and finishes the drink in 3 hefty gulps.
Yaoyorozu tries not to look too bewildered with the action. Silently simmering in her excitement—like she’s spotted a rare animal in the wild.

“Who made the coffee?”
“Sero, sir! I mean, Sero asked someone, the- uh- the transfer hire to make it. I haven’t actually met or introduced myself but he seems like a nice guy and—,”
“Does he have black hair? Falls to his shoulders?” Bakugou interrupts.

“Oh, uh... no. Sero said he had the wildest red hair he’s seen.”
The glow in Bakugou’s face diminishes in a blink. Yaoyorozu almost regrets not taking a picture before it did.

“Is that so?” Bakugou was quiet, disappointed almost but it wasn’t his usual face. “Bring him to my office.”
“Wow, he must have made a splendid cup!”

“One of the best.” He spins his chair around, looking at the wide view his office granted him. “And he’s the new employee isn’t he? And don’t I need to know who that would be?”

“Yes, of course!

“Then get to it.”
Yaoyorozu leaves the office in a flurry, Sero shoots her a strange look, expecting anything but that blissful expression on her face.

“Get the transfer hire! Quick!”

“He has a name, Yaoyorozu. It’s Kiri-something.”
“The coffee! Bakugou likes the coffee! Drank it all in one sitting!”

“Screw his name, I’m calling him Miracle Boy.”

“Please get better with your nicknames.”

“I’m trying.”

“And go! Just go get him! Bakugou wants to meet him.”
"Kirishima!" A voice calls. "Drink for Kirishima!"

Kirishima bites his lip, nervously.

Why did the barista have to call his name out loud.
Kirishima looks up from his table, cautiously, noticing how everyone's eyes are on the receiving counter.

'Please look away. Pleasepleaseplease.'
The barista, a black woman with pink hair, turns towards the direction of his table. Looks at him with that 'Well, that's you isn't it?' expression.

He'd get it if he could.
"Rebound is here?" A whisper stands out from the crowd, and Kirishima wishes for the ground to swallow him up. "Heard he and Bakugou are through again."

"That's a new record. 2 weeks?"

Kirishima grinds his teeth at the mocking snickers which has him feeling worse.
"Sorry! Wrong name!" The barista cries out, flashing a charming grin.

The whispers die down and Kirishima feels like he could breathe again. Momentarily light-headed and cross-eyed as he collects himself.
"Hey, you good?"
Kirishima looks up and faces the worried expression of the barista who was calling his name a few seconds ago. Her glossy lips were pursed, and her pink eyebrows curved worryingly.
"Sorry, you looked really uncomfortable to get your drink from the counter, and a lot of people were whispering, and- Kirishima, right?" She whispers his name. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, just ... peachy."
She doesn't look convinced, and her presence was starting to bring attention from the other patrons. Until, unfortunately, one of them begins to recognize him even through the curtain of black hair covering his face.
"Hey! It is him!"

"Really? It's Rebound?"

"He's all alone, so the rumors are true. Guess that's why that Camie girl was all over Bakugou this morning."
Kirishima sighs, resigning to pulling the hood even more. Though it brings even more attention.
He opts to run from the scene, until the barista in front of him yells at the crowd.

"Hey! Get out." She points at one group by the corner. Their phones flipped open. "Yes, you. Out."
"What the hell?! I'm a paying customer, bitch!"

"You've finished your drink literally 2 hours ago, so out!"

"Get your manager!"
The pink-haired lady grins, grins so wide that it sends chills down his back. "Baby, I am the manager. And I don't like your attitude, you and all your jock friends there, out. Now."
The raised phones swerve towards a different direction. Away from Kirishima and towards the kids who started yelling for everyone else to stop recording.
It didn't take long before they cleared out and everyone else either paid attention to their own tasks or was smart enough not to start another commotion.

This was the only coffee shop in campus after all.
Kirishima settled down, at ease with the silence and attention off of him, gets the hood of his jacket off, and tends to his drink, but not without smiling at the barista- er- manager.
"Thank you."

"No problem, love."

"You're the manager?"

"Nah. My manager is sleeping at the back, but I know when to get involved too." She shrugs, "I don't know the whole story with that nickname but I can spot assholes and bad vibes from a mile away."
She offers her hand to shake. "The names Ashido. Ashido Mina. You?"

Kirishima grips it warmly, gleaming at the sight of a potential friend. "I'm Kirishima. Kirishima Eijirou."
"What's your name?"

"Kirishima Eijirou."
Sero rests his chin on the space between his thumb and index, then proceeds to flash him a toothy grin.

"Cool name unlike mine." He jokes. "I'm Sero Hanta. But we'll get into that later. The boss is looking for you."
"Am I in trouble?"

"Did you do anything that could cause you trouble, Mr. Kirishima?"


"Then you're fine." Sero waves his hand dismissing his worries.
"He just wants to get to know you, like your name, your skillset, decide what nickname he'd call you for the rest of your life because he never really memorizes your actual name and he's too much of a stubborn prick to actually do that, your work history, yanno stuff."
"What was that last one?"

"Your work history?"

"The other one."

"Your skillset?"

"Never mind."
Sero chuckles, knowing he'll get along with Kirishima already. "He would definitely ask about the hair. Red isn't a big thing 'round here."

"The office back at Osaka wasn't particular with it."

"Just don't be surprised if he rams a hidden razor down your scalp."
Sero laughs at the increasing worry in Kirishima's face, reaches to pat him on the back. "I'm only half joking, get in there, he won't bite."


"His leash doesn't allow him to reach that far anyway."
This time Kirishima laughs as Sero ushers him towards the office with the big doors.

He peaks in and is greeted with the same set-up—a large mahogany table, a leather-clad office chair, a fountain pen is left unattended on the desk.
"Oh!" A voice behind him exclaims. "Sero wasn't lying when he said you had red hair. That's, oh, that is Really Red."
He turns and faces the Secretary—as the name plate says—with a bashful smile.

"I'm sorry."

"It's fine! I think, just a bit new to it, is all." She looks around. "We don't get much color around here, if you haven't notice."
She stands up and dusts her skirt, walking towards him, offering her hand for a shake. "I'm Yaoyorozu Momo. I'm the Secretary." Kirishima takes it gingerly. "I'll let the boss know you're here. Give me a minute."
"Sir? The transfer from Osaka is here."

"Let him in."
Kirishima makes sure his tie is in place, and the blazer he had on didn't have a speck of dirt, dusting himself off before entering the office.

Yaoyorozu follows suit, but stops mid-step. "Oh shoot, wait, I left your papers on my desk."
"You can go on ahead and introduce yourself to him."
Kirishima nods and proceeds to stand straight in front of the table.
"Hello, sir! I'm Kirishima Eijirou from the Osaka branch." He greets and bows, suddenly feeling his throat parch unusually.

Must be the nerves.
He hears the wheels of the office chair turn and move around but something is telling him to still keep his head bowed down.
And there were a few things he could never forget.

One of them was the obvious baritone of Bakugou's voice.

The other was the all-too-familiar feeling of freezing up.
"Sorry!" Yaoyorozu intrudes, heels clicking against the porcelain tile. "Hey, lift your head up."
Hesitantly, Kirishima does.

And instantly, he meets the reds of Bakugou's eyes. His pupils blown wide, glassy from the strain of [what he hopes was because of] not blinking.
"This is our boss, Bakugou Katsuki." Yaoyorozu chirps, then gestures to Kirishima. "And, this is-"

"Kirishima Eijirou." Bakugou interrupts, finishes his sentence for her. "Hey."
It was completely unprofessional for him to sound the way he did. It was unprofessional to almost act on his urge to hug the man in front of him.

His hands felt like exploding.
"Do you know him from somewhere, Sir?" Yaoyoruzu asks, unable to read the tension of the room.

Bakugou opens his mouth to answer, to say 'Yes, we were in a relationship back in college.'

Then maybe coming up to hug him wouldn't be too frowned upon.
But Kirishima interrupts him.
Kirishima says No.
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cw // alcohol usage
"What do you mean no? Get going, kid. We're closing soon."
Bakugou blinks slowly, an even deeper scowl forming on his face as his finger traces the rim of his glass — which was more than once filled to the brim with beer.

"I don't wanna leave."
The bartender, Aizawa, if he remembers correctly, rolls his eyes looking even more tired than he usually is.

"Look, I get it. Breakups suck, hell, my last boyfriend died under a-"

Bakugou very rudely interrupts with a loud snort.
"Who the hell said I was drinking because of some breakup with a rich kid?" He squints and taps the glass on the counter, asking for one more refill. "I could care less about that half-and-half prick, we weren't even dating because we wanted to."
Aizawa was arguably intrigued, but far too exhausted to know more. He unwraps the scarf around him and hangs it on a loose nail next to the shelves of drinks.

"I'm turning in, Bakugou. You close up and get home."
Bakugou jeers, then sighs as the lights inevitably turn off.

Giving up, he hops off the bar stool, laughing softly at the stumble of his own two feet. Wobbly as he fetches the key from underneath the potted plant, locking up the place like he has for the past 8 months.
Stupid old man and his stupid bedtime. He didn't even look like he got sleep anyway.

Stupid Todoroki and his stupid powerful dad and the stupid fucking contract with his family.
Though, had it not been for Half-and-Half, they probably would have gone all the way to marriage and Bakugou shivers at the thought.

He cannot let that happen. He doesn't even want to spend every single waking moment with that nonchalant loser.
Hell, if there was someone he'd spend "forever" with...
Bakugou finds himself in front of Yuuei Rise Apartments, just a few blocks away from his own dormitory, and a few more away from Yuuei College itself.
He grins haughtily at the sight of the front guard sleeping on the job, carefully sneaking past him and sprinting up the stairs.

4th floor. Door number 17. Just as he has memorized.
It's 8 minutes past midnight.

With a heavy fist, he knocks at the door.
Once, twice, thrice, and then inevitably knocks non-stop. Waiting for the person on the other side of the door, second room to the right to answer.

And after then 26th knock, a sleep-heavy voice finally answers.

Bakugou pouts, presses his ear on the wood and knocks again, wanting it open faster.

"I said I'm coming."
The door swings open and he smiles fondly at the sight of a sleepy Eijirou—still rubbing his eyes, mid-yawn, his favorite pair of red bunny slippers on.

He isn't sure if it's the alcohol coming up or if it's the intensity of his happiness that's making it hard to breathe.
No wait, it's definitely the alcohol.
Bakugou pushes past Kirishima, runs towards the kitchen sink and pukes. He hears the front door shut close, and the sound of panicked steps running up to him, stopping behind him.

Then he feels the warm hand run up and down his back, and again,
he can't tell if it's alcohol or the overwhelming feeling of relief that comes with Eijrou's ... well, Eijirou's anything, really.
"There you go, let it out, it's okay." Kirishima says, the hand still on his back, even as a yawn interrupts him mid-sentence.

When Bakugou finally stills, though his body still remains hunched over the sink, Kirishima speaks up.
"What are you doing here, Katsuki?"
And without any hesitation, Bakugou replies.
"They told me to come home." He glances at Kirishima from the side, eyes still hazy, and words still slurred. "That's you, ain't it?"
Kirishima presses his forehead against Bakugou's broad back, tries to calm his breathing, steady his ground.

He's become all too familiar with this breathless feeling.
But Bakugou pushes him off, stands straight and turns to press his warm, sweaty, calloused palms on Kirishima's cheeks.

He leans close and despite the smell of alcohol wafting off of him heavily, he can't help but lick his lips consciously, preparing for a kiss.
Their noses touch and, instead of a kiss, Bakugou whispers.
"If you didn't get it, I mean my home is you." He laughs softly, nudging his nose against his cheek, then to the junction of his shoulder and neck. "You're home, Eijirou."
"Katsuki, you're drunk and you're saying things again." Kirishima says, lifting his arms to wrap around him. "I'm bringing you to bed."

Kirishima doesn't miss the lift in his tone.

"To sleep. I'm bringing you to bed to sleep."
Bakugou jeers, purposely pulling himself down. "Eijirou..." He whines.


"Kiss me."

"I know you want to."

"I don't."

"Let me brush my teeth, ask you again, yeah?"
Kirishima pushes Bakugou towards his bathroom. The blonde chuckles as Kirishima rolls his shoulders.

"I'm getting heavy, am I? Eijirou?"

"Your toothbrush is the black one."
Bakugou pouts, narrows his eyes and tends to the task at hand. He glances at Kirishima through the mirror, searching his pockets to take a picture of the sight of his Eijirou dozing off.

Kirishima hears the snap, and his eyes fly open immediately.
"Delete that."


"Delete it."

"You're such a baby, Katsuki." Kirishima grinds his teeth, shushing Bakugou before he could continue. "Don't start with that stupid 'but I'm your baby' comment. God, I hate it when you're drunk like this."
Bakugou shrinks at the comment, presses his forehead against Kirishima's with his toothbrush poking Kirishima's upper lip.


"If I shay it when I'm not jrunk, will you believe me?"
"You never do."

"I will."

"You won't."

"Ish jhat a shallenje, Eijirou?"
"No, Katsuki, it's a fact." Kirishima rubs his eyes, though the sad look on his face stays. "Can we just sleep. Please."
Bakugou nods, turning back to the bathroom sink and finishing up.

He follows suit to the bedroom shortly, pulling off his shoes, coming up to the bed where he shimmied his left hand under Eijirou and threw his right over him, pulling him close to cuddle.
"You feeling better?" Kirishima whispers.

Bakugou hums, nods weakly.
"Hey, Katsuki?"


"I..." Kirishima starts, playing with the fingers intertwined with his. "Never mind, goodnight."

"Good night."
"I'm sorry. You said what?!"
Kirishima pulled the phone away from him, his other hand coming to undo a button and loosen his tie, Ashido's high pitched exclamation ringing in his ear.
Kirishima looks out towards the wide cityscape view, tempted to kick his shoes off as he paces the rooftop; the heels of his loafers grinding into the pavement.

Yeah, he expected that reaction.
"I said that no. No, we don't know each other."

"Why?!" Kirishima can hear the sound of clamoring customers in the background and Ashido going "I'm taking my break early!"

"Hey, no, you don't have to worry about this."
"I think the fuck not." Kirishima groans, preparing for an earful from his bestfriend.

"Look, I froze and I- he-,"
Ashido interrupts him. "Are you okay?"
Kirishima blinks slowly. "Y-You aren't going to scold me?"
"What kind of friend do you think I am?!" Kirishima smiles at that. "You just met the guy who basically tormented your college years and played with your heart. This isn't some fairytale where all of that is changed just because you got some massive makeover from yours truly."
"So, yeah, I'm asking if you're okay. Because that must have been some fucking reunion."

Kirishima laughs, Ashido snaps her fingers from the other side. "I'm being serious, Ei!"

"I know!" He says, running a hand through his red hair. "Just, I don't know. I think I'm okay."
Kirishima sits on the rooftop ledge, pants surely dirtied with dust. "Bakugou looked like he saw a ghost, he was all pale, and his hands were like closed fists and..."


"I don't know! I-I can't tell if h-he wanted to run me over looking bug-eyed like that or..."

"I'm hallucinating, I'm sure of it."

"Come on, Eijirou! How did he look like?"

"He looked relieved? Like, he..." Kirishima pauses, hits his chest a few times, lets out a dry cough. "Like I was some...like..."

"Go on?"
"Bakugou looked happy to see me."
"Oh, baby, you're definitely hallucinating."


"What!?" Ashido laughs and Kirishima steadies himself from the ledge. "I'm just saying!"
"So..." Ashido winds down. "What are you gonna do now? Pretend like you're some guy who just happens to like have the same name, same face, same scar but different hair color?"

"I guess."

"That is a god-awful plan. I'm rooting for you."
"Definitely the encouragement I needed." Kirishima looks at the time. "Hey, I gotta go. Paperworks and stuff."

"Sure, movie night next weekend? I'm bringing in the good stuff!"

"Indie gore is banned from movie night."

"The CG effects are funny!"

"No, they're not!"
Ashido laughs even louder and Kirishima rolls his eyes, ending the call.

At the same time, the rooftop door opens.
Kirishima considers either jumping from the roof or running quicker than any olympic player seeing Bakugou step in.

The taller blonde looks to be thinking of the same thing seeing him as well.
"Employees aren't allowed here."

"Aren't you an employee too, Bakugou, sir?"

"I'm an exception."
Kirishima bites his tongue before the words 'You always have been' come out of him.

"Right, I should... get going then." Kirishima rubs the back of his head, smiling at Bakugou apologetically, walking past him to the exit. "I can't be breaking rules on my first day."
"It is you, isn't it? Eijirou?"
Kirishima freezes and slowly pivots on his heel meeting Bakugou's earnest eyes.

Had he ever looked that sincere with him?

Kirishima can't recall.
He shakes his head. "I'm really sorry, sir. I don't know who you're talking about." Then shrugs his shoulders. "I went to college in a different prefecture, and, well I'm sorry if I'm super duper alike someone you've met back then."

"I didn't just meet him- you, I mean you."
Bakugou frowns. "You're going through all the hoops saying you don't know me, and I get it, but let me make it up to you, Eijirou." He tries to reach for Kirishima's hand but Kirishima steps back. "I... I tried calling you but-"
"I fucking said I'm not him! I'm not the Eijirou you think you know! So drop it!"
Kirishima bites his tongue at Bakugou flabbergasted expression.

So much for keeping his cool.
Bakugou drops his hand towards his side, looking like he was burnt by the heat of his words. Kirishima curses under his breath.
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to curse you and-"

"Get out."
Kirishima nods, moving to retreat the rooftop and decides to maybe start searching for new jobs because he was most likely fired already for that rude display.

He should try asking if the Osaka branch could make room for one more.
But then he hears it.
cw // slight mentions of smoking
The unmistakable click of a lighter and the shuffle of a near-empty box of cigarettes coming from Bakugou.

And acting on pure instinct and habit, Kirishima enters once again, stepping in to grab the roll resting between his lips.
"I told you to stop smoking, Katsuki!"
It takes him several seconds to process the words tumbling out of his mouth. The familiarity of them, the comfort in saying Bakugou's given name again, and even that slight brush of his chin and his fingers.

He hates to admit feeling something pleasant about it.
Bakugou smiles, brightly, uncharacteristically blinding.

He gingerly holds Kirishima's hand, and looks at him with wide eyes.
"It is you."

So much for that plan.
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"That's 10 bucks and free lunch for the next week." Monoma poses victoriously, hand open for the cash. "See, this is why I'm never wrong."
Ashido looked up from the coffee art she'd been practicing on to look at Monoma, towering triumphantly over Tetsutetsu who looked annoyed even more than he did 3 minutes ago.

Curiousity gets the best of her.
"What's up?"

"Monoma and I had a bet about Bakugou." Tetsutetsu explains, fishing out his wallet. "I bet that he'd fuck around with Camie, for a month max- a /whole/ month, with Camie Utsushimi. I had a class with her once and I dropped it after two lectures."
Tetsutetsu hands over the money and gives Ashido a lazy glance. "Monoma said it'd be two months."

"Is this a thing he does? Date here and there?"

"Kinda his thing." He gives Monoma a murderous glare, thinking of tying his shoelaces together when he isn't looking.
Then Tetsutetsu laughs, and Ashido feels her gut turn.

"Well, guess Rebound's going to find himself with some company tonight."
"What the fuck, Tetsu. You're his friend."

"Okay, first. Friend is too big of a label for someone I have the same gym schedule with. And second, It's true!" He says defensively. "Look, I think Rebound-"

"His name's Kirishima, tinhead."
"A guy rams his head over a steel tray, once." He waves his hand. "But yeah, Kirishima is a pretty cool dude, it's just that over the span of forever, he made this reputation for himself."

Ashido wants to pour a cup of hot steaming water over his head. "He did not."
"He did, Ashido." Tetsutetsu rolls his shoulders. "Look at the patterns, Bakugou broke up with Todoroki, then comes in Kirishima. Then he leaves Kirishima, then he dates Uraraka, then she leaves him for Midoriya, then comes in Kirishima again-"
"I don't like that how you're phrasing this as Kirishima running to Bakugou, when I'm sure it's the opposite." She grabs a steel cup from the counter.

"I don't know, dude, look-"

"Shut up before I accidentally throw freshly ground coffee all over your face."
Tetsutetsu backs off, his hands raised in defense.

Ashido sneers and heads to the stockroom, grabbing for her phone squeezed in between the pouches of coffee grounds and sends Kirishima a quick text message.
To: Kiri 💪

Hey, Kirishima!
Can I come over your place, tonight? I got movies and snacks!
From: Kiri 💪

YEAH! I got nothing going on, I'll get some popcorn on the way back.

From: Kiri 💪

Don't be weirded out but I just got hyped getting to hang out with someone on a Friday night.
From: Kiri 💪

Did that sound lonely? I swear, I'm not asking for pity or something like that! ヽ(*。>Д<)o゜
Ashido winces and tries not to take out her worry and frustration over Kirishima on the poor bags of coffee beans.
To: Kiri 💪

You're good! I just wanna spend more time with you, Kiri! Is that cool?

From: Kiri 💪

YES! See you later! I'll send you my address when my break comes.
Ashido shuts her phone, tucks it back in the bags and breathes deeply.

If the ugly rumors were true, it's best to keep Kirishima busy before he thinks about running back to Bakugou.

The stupid nickname of his had to end.
Ashido arrives at Kirishima's place at 8PM, with Romcom, Action, Thriller and Indie films in her USB drive, tucked safely in her pocket. A paperbag filled with microwavable popcorn, semi-melted chocolate and lollipops swings with every step she takes.
Kirishima answers the door, looking like an excited puppy, and Ashido's need to protect Kirishima from all that is harmful and mean intensifies.

"Hey, Ashido!"

"Mina's fine. I told you that last time." She grins, and waves the bag full of goodies. "Movie night?"
Kirishima nods excitedly, "Movie night!" He scampers to fluff his living room pillows, tossing a magazine inside a cabinet filled with other items. He grins at Ashido. "I know I should have cleaned earlier but I woke up from my nap late and-"
"Dude, it's fine. It's just movies and," Ashido whistles low, impressed with the living room. "Your TV is way better than the one I have, wanna do this a weekly thing?"

Kirishima's toothy grin answered for her.
"So," Ashido waves her USB. "Action or Romcom?"


"You sap."

"Guilty as charged."
To Ashido's relief, the evening goes by without any interruptions or anything that had to put with Kirishima running out the door.
And with the rumor of the break-up between Bakugou and Camie spreading like wildfire, it was surprising that Kirishima didn't know about when she brought it up.
"They're through?"


Kirishima squirms and glances at his phone, looks like he was anticipating something, anything from Bakugou. Ashido had to 'playfully' slap his forearm to get his attention back.
All the while Ashido cheers for him mentally. Rooting for Kirishima self-control to prevail.

"Don't mind it, yeah? He's not worth your time, Eijirou."

"Y-you're right!" Kirishima gives her a thumbs up, and looks away.

She doesn't miss the longing look he gives his phone.
She and Kirishima ends up spending the night in the living room, with him sleeping on the floor under his bedroom blanket and a throw pillow and her taking up the long couch.

He insisted that she takes the long couch.
It was around midnight, maybe a quarter before 1AM when Ashido, the light-sleeper that she is, wakes up to a barrage of knocks on Kirishima's door.

She squints at the clock that hung above the door, bad mood setting in.
Who the fuck was knocking at Kirishima's door at 12:45AM?
Ashido, after a solid year in the food industry, puts on a polite face before swinging the door open.

She looks up and meets the shocked, wide-open eyes of the one and only Bakugou Katsuki.
All politeness gets thrown out the window.

She squints and looks quick to process Bakugou's entirety as he double checks the door numbers on the left and right sides.
He was dressed casually, the red tint of his cheeks suggest that he might have had a drink or two before getting here, and the panicked way he look around gave her the hint that he had definitely sneaked past the senior guard who was most likely asleep on the job.
She cracks her knuckles and crosses both arms on her chest. "Can I help you, Bakugou?"

"This is- Where is- This is Eijirou- no, wait, yes. This is Kirishima's place, right? No- I know I'm right."

Ashido doesn't find his fumbling and mumbling helpful.
She takes a quick look at the blue paperbag with him and grabs it out of his buttery hands. Bakugou yelps and tries to grab it back but Ashido has seen too much of it.

// cw: suggestive content
"Condoms. Lube. Aw he cares," Ashido rolls her eyes. "You even fucking brought your own extra clothes. You really are an asshole, aren't you?"

He grabs it away from her, wrapping it around him securely.

"Who the hell are you, and why are you at Kirishima's place?"
Ashido scoffs, mumbling "So, it's the other way around huh. Stupid Tetsutetsu." under her breath.

"I asked a question, Pinky." Bakugou asks but doesn't wait for an answer. Deciding to push her away from the door which Ashido expected and, preparedly, pushes him back.
"You aren't going anywhere, buddy!" She grits her teeth, bundling his collar. "Eijirou is sleeping and the last thing he needs is for some guy to wake him up for sex."

"I'm not here for that!" Bakugou whispers harshly. "Not /just/ that. Now let go of me and get out."
"I think the fuck not."

"Who even are you?!" Bakugou all but yells, still careful not to wake up the neighbors.
Ashido prides herself for being a quick thinker, but she never said any of her quick thoughts had been the brightest.

Irritated with tipsy Bakugou's actions, and slowly panicking as he hears Kirishima stir awake in the back.

Ashido pulls Bakugou close and says in his ear:
"I'm his girlfriend, and if you don't get going in a few seconds, I'm calling up security."
Ashido, admittedly, was scared for Bakugou's eyeballs, turning wide that she thinks they might fall off.

But his aggressive posture gives, he takes a few steps back and looks at her like she's grown several heads, disbelief dancing in his eyes.
"That's not true."

"It is."

"It's not."

"It is."

"It's not!"
Ashido is almost caught off-guard as Bakugou runs head-first towards her, looking to bulldoze her away from the door.

She slams it shut and winces at the sound of him groaning in pain from the other side.
"I'm serious, Bakugou." Ashido says. "Go, or I'm calling security."

She walks back to the living room where Kirishima, thankfully, hasn't woken up. She falls face first on the sofa and groans.
"Mina?" Kirishima mumbles, eyes still shut.


"Was anyone at the door?"

"No, just some drunk guy mistaking your apartment for someone else's."
Kirishima yawns, and Ashido's chest begins to hurt. She would shut him away from anything bad if she could.

"Thanks for telling them to go away."

"No problem, Eijirou." She smiles softly. "I got you."
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