Make this Halloween 🎃extra-spooky👻 for Trump and the GOP: Help @WisDems blow every turnout record out of the water in these final three days!

Help us crush our final end of month fundraising goal before E-Day—donate some candy here & share this thread: 
As of this morning, 189,107 absentee ballots haven’t been returned in Wisconsin. (Trump’s ‘16 margin: 23k.) And millions of eligible voters haven’t registered-but could still same-day register & vote. We’re calling, texting, reaching out friend-to-friend. 
Thanks to Trump’s Supreme Court appointees, Wisconsinites *must* turn their absentee ballots in by 8pm on Tuesday for them to be counted.

This spring, 5% of ballots came in after e-day. Our message to voters is—turn your ballot in *now.* 
Along with calls & texts, we’re running floods of targeted, custom-tailored digital ads to help people figure out how to get their ballots in during these final days. Dropboxes.
Some early vote sites, still open. E-day voting, indoor or curbside. 
People always say “ignore the polls.” Smart!

But if you can’t do that, consider this: Wisconsin’s premiere poll, the @MULawPoll, put Clinton up 6 points on Nov 2 2016.

This year, their final poll has Biden +5.
Wisconsin elections have a very nasty habit of getting *very close* right at the end.

3 out of last 5 presidential elections here have had <1% margins.

We’re treating this like it’s tied, in order to ensure it isn’t.
Coronavirus scrambles turnout models. Our voters are jumping in early; Trump’s are waiting until the end.

We feel *very* good about the massive organizing push on our end—but nobody truly knows how this turns out.
One way to think about this last stretch is, is there anything you’d regret *not* doing?
We overcome fear when we vote. By voting, the people have the power.

Chip in now and help us reach voters and make sure that every ballot is returned on time. Because this is it. The final stretch. 
Make the most of these last 3 Days. Chip in. With time. With money. By sharing this thread. We need to reach our goal to talk to voters before Election Day. 
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