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Nationalising broadband isn't a terrible idea

It was just sold badly and last-minute
Warren would have been a better candidate than Bernie
The 12th Doctor is the best doctor

Series' 8-10 are the peak of nuWho
People are wayyy too ready to cancel people for views they held years ago.

If they've shown signs they've changed their views and made amends - people should really just let it go
Cats are better than dogs
Chocolate is incredibly overrated and should be used like 60% less
Labour's total financial reliance on the unions needs to end

I'm not really sure how that would be achieved, but it feels dodgy that people's unions fees are going towards Labour when they might not even support the party
Blair simps are just as obnoxious as corbyn simps
A lot of the Warren hatred was seeped in misogyny during the primaries
David Miliband would not have been a good Labour leader
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