CK Nayudu was born on this day, 1895.

I tried to post a couple of tweet threads but quickly realised that the people I follow have, between them, covered everything.

Let me still share one.

My favourite CK story is from 1947, when he was not a Test cricketer anymore.
The Indians were playing selection trial matches ahead of the Australia tour – their first after Independence.

In the last of these, a 20-year-old Fazal Mahmood took 5/45. He was picked.

As we know, he would play for Pakistan, not India. The next few lines may explain why.
As for now, Fazal returned to Lahore (still in India).

The pre-tour was supposed to start in Poona on *August 15*, but riots broke out across India just ahead of that.

Fazal took a convoluted route (Karachi by road, Bombay by air).
It was a bold decision, for most of the Muslim population was headed the opposite direction.

The camp went ahead without much fuss. Fazal then took the train back to Bombay.

A Hindu mob intercepted this train. Their target was, among other Muslims, Fazal.
But Nayudu was travelling in the same train.

He picked up a bat and stood between the mob and young Fazal.

Fazal returned safely, first to Bombay, then Lahore.

Never another like CK. Captain for a reason.

So, who is making that biopic, and when?
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