Decontextualising Alert:

Imran’s anti-Army statements relate to the days of Musharaff’s martial law when Army was directly ruling Pakistan & there was widespread resentment against indiscriminate military operations in Pak’s tribal belt, drone attacks, American WOT in which (1)
Musharaff dragged Pakistan & ill-advised military operation in Jamia Hafsa which created the menace of TTP.

In 2008, Pakistan entered a new phase of its political life when American brokered democracy (a dynastic rule of two corrupt political families) reigned supreme. (2)
Politics further changed after 2009 with Iftikhar Ch’s reinstatement (greater Judicial activism) & 18th constitutional amendment (greater political & provincial autonomy)
New political realities emerged, PPP & PMLN aligned with each other, PTI came of age, military operations were either “adopted” by the powerful civil governments of PPPP & PMLN or a wider national consensus developed against extremism after APS in the form of NAP. (4)
Army role in politics shrank in the decade that followed 2010, however, PMLN continued with their clandestine meetings with General Kayani till 2013.

In short, political realities have changed in the last 13 years but you are still maliciously using Imran’s valid statements (5)
against the then military leadership.

Even when Imran criticised Army’s leadership, he was not doing it for extracting an NRO for his & his family’s corruption. He had not been ousted by the SCP for corruption. He was not an absconder hiding in London & instigating sedition (6)
He was the one criticising Army when PPP & PMLN were holding secret parleys with Musharaff/Army for NROs.

He was the one who boycotted 2008 elections while PPP/PMLN, on the urgings of military & international establishment, fought the elections & got a share of the pie (7)
So, your dirty columns written with mala-fide intentions might get some audience in foreign capitals or impress a domestic minority but they have zero credibility for us who have seen the politics of our last two decades & have avidly read about our political history since 1947.
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