I know BCH has been having problems, but WOOOOOOW take a look at BTC in the last week!

The one thing both BCH and BTC have in common... is @BITMAINtech.

Bitmain also has the stake to create such wild swings.

What’s going on here? https://twitter.com/spirybtc/status/1322466887490523136
The next retarget is in 3 days, now perhaps 5 days if the hash power doesn’t return.

This could be an attempt to game the retarget.
Now ask yourself again why there is no ETF.
Here’s the calculus:

Let’s say you’re a miner and your mining profits thinned out since the halving.

BTC price is tied to the greater markets via automated arbitrage.

A Biden victory will crash the market.

A block retarget is slated for Election Day.

What do you do?
You turn off your 44% of the network miners 56% of the way through the period between retargets which reduces the resulting retarget while pushing the retarget beyond Election Day.

If the market never recovers, you just keep them off and begin your exit.
If the market does recover you’re able to start up again at the same point you left off because the retarget adjusted appropriately due to your calculated manipulation.

This drop in hashrate is a hedge against a potential 50% downward correction next week.

Folks are scared af
You folks are scared because NOBODY IS TALKING ABOUT IT.

We all see the same data.

Not a peep from news outlets or influencers.
It isn’t that it has influence over BTC but that Wall Street has proven it now has economic dominance over BTC.

When the Dow Jones sneezes, Bitcoin catches cold. https://twitter.com/hodltergeist/status/1322477502862888960
Got those altcoin blues?

Weird how it happened around the time that the BTC network took a massive shit.

Totally unconnected because nobody would dump alts to exit via BTC to USD.

That never happens.
All of this thread happened prior $14k.

Why is there such divergence between TA and FA?

What does that usually mean?
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