Johnson wants UK businesses to prepare for Brexit by following govt advice

But the advice will be shaped by trade deal we don't yet have

And Johnson won't decide on deal until he knows who's in the White House

And postal voting means this could easily be another week
Assume the best case scenario:

1 US election is decided on 3rd Nov

2 Johnson signs a trade deal on 4th

3 Govt advice is finalised and published on the same day

(and how likely is all that?)

Then businesses will have 31 working days to prepare for Brexit. And will be shut.
Because the govt didn't listen to advisors and do a circuit-breaker lockdown, we will now have a bigger lockdown, during which most businesses will be unable to operate fully, or will be completely closed.

And that's when they have to prepare for Brexit.
The govt has so little control it can't decide anything until America does.

The "oven-ready deal" skipped the middle man and went straight in the toilet.

We're cutting support for furloughed people just as we close their workplaces again.
We've failed to get test and trace working in the SIX MONTHS since the first wave.

And we expect closed businesses within zero income to prepare for a Brexit we still haven't defined

Bibble. Bibble on toast.
I'm sure there have been moments when the UK has been governed worse than this, but they don't spring to mind. And they definitely didn't happen in the middle of multiple national and global crises.

We are fucked.
Fucked is us.
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