Don’t Try to Fake a Good Mood

It’s pretty easy to be in a bad mood these days. You might be worried about your health, concerned about the state of the world, overwhelmed at work — or all of the above. But when you get to the office or sign into that Zoom call,
don’t try to just “put on a happy face.” Sure, you may not want to dampen the mood or drag your coworkers down. But faking a smile doesn’t benefit you (because you still feel annoyed) or your coworkers (who likely see through your inauthenticity).
Instead, try to genuinely change your mood so that you’re not pretending, and are authentically expressing more #positive emotions. After a long week of juggling work and child care, for example, you might reappraise what was good about your day and what you like about
your work. Try verbalizing what you’re grateful for: “I’m so lucky to be catching up with my coworker,” or “I feel connected to the purpose of my work,” and identify moments of joy in your relationships — at work and at home. That should hopefully help you break a true #Smile .
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