“Black Lives Matter” has become a slogan, and slogans always lose their meaning with repetition. But In Vancouver, WA tonight, people trying to mourn a 21-year old are being met with guns, mace, & flags.

Flags are an abstraction.

Kevin Peterson Jr. is not an abstraction. 1/ https://twitter.com/baaascom/status/1322355877416902657
You wave a flag when you’re defending an Idea.

So if you show up to a memorial vigil with a gun, waving a flag, we have to assume that you think that memorializing a young black man is a threat to your Idea.

Pay attention to the people in Vancouver and Hazel Dell waving flags and threatening mourners tonight.

You might not think that America, as an Idea, is at war with the idea that the lives of Black people are worthy of mourning.

But those folks with the flags sure as shit do.
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