1. Why Trump's lawyers might want to think twice. First, DeJoy has exposed the entire crew to conspiracy to interfere with the US mail. They all agreed to it and when he did it, he committed a crime. If he's pardoned that's an admission of his guilt. Everyone who knew of the
2. plan and its purpose, is conspirator the moment DeJoy committed an overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy. At that moment you went all in for the whole conspiracy. Foreseeable crimes including money laundered to pay lawyers to execute the plan will implicate the Koch
3. Machine. If a person gets killed by Trump's armed terrorist troops at polls then every lawyer owns a conspiracy to commit murder charge. And they will be charged and even if they beat it they will be held in the lockup pending trial for at least a year.
4. Do yourselves and your family a favor. Just watch the election and let the count happen. But if you choose to make the wrong choice just be aware you're all going to prison for a long time and civil liability and criminal defense costs will devour your assets.
5. And we've got what we need to charge the Koch Machine now. They'll throw you out like yesterday's garbage. Think about it over the weekend. This may be the last time you have a chance to save your future. @WhiteHouse @TheJusticeDept @WHNSC @robertcobrien @DHS_Wolf @Heritage
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