Imma just say this

It's pronounced Hy-dro-city because

A) Hydrocity is a closed compound word. Close compound words in the English language are always just pronounced as the two separate words despite the space in between. Some examples are makeup, newspaper,....
....grandmother, inside, snowball, moonlight, etc. You don't change the syllables for these terms, and there is no reason Hydrocity should be any different.
B) Every level in Sonic 3 besides Sandopolis are compound terms, with two words. I see no reason why Hydrocity should be an exception when Hydro and City are words that actually exist. City is not a suffix like -opolis is, you still pronounce it as two separate words.
C) The term Hydro-city is clearly in reference to the fact it's a bunch of ruins of a civilization that's flooded. They wouldn't name it after a fucking pun when the more obvious reasoning for the name is right there.

Remember, these people are Japanese, they wouldn't.... able to get the English language as well as we do, making the chances that it was an intentional pun being far lower than them just learning the translation of the terms Hydro and City from Japanese to English.
D) "Sounding cooler" is not an argument for proper pronunciation. If you're arguing proper pronunciation, then you have to speak with facts about grammar about the language, not make shit up "because it sounds better"

You can't just change language because you feel like it
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