Sexual Transmutation

What is it?
And how to use it to Manifest your Dreams.

If you have heard of Sexual Transmutation,
You probably first stumbled across it in
Napoleon Hill’s classic “Think and Grow Rich”

Hill defined it as
“…the switching of the mind from thoughts of physical expression, to thoughts of some other nature.”
So essentially, when you’re horny or thinking about sex in general, you are switching that rush of energy you are experiencing to something creative and productive.
This channel of energy could be used to:
-Get in shape
--Achieve more sales
-Make more money
--Write that book
-Improve sex life
--Spiritual/Will power development
When you expend your sexual energy without receiving anything in return (Masturbate/meaningless sex) you are literally spilling out energy and power.

I command you to waste this power no more!
Consider the power and pride you feel knowing you have this will power most men don’t.
Consider all you can accomplish if every time you got the urge to rub one out, you got a lift in or wrote a few thousand words or did something creative.
You have an abundance of energy, you’ve just been wasting it.
If you are with a woman you love and you are already having meaningful, passionate sex, this thread isn’t about you. There are already benefits of having this blessing.
This is mainly for the single or wait-for-marriage or long distance crowd that are beating it every chance they get.
The Taoists of the past have sought to convert their energy through meditative practices,
Making them a cauldron of vibrant energy and this may be a useful thing for you to consider.
Whatever you choose to use the energy for, make it benefit you and where you actually want to go in life, not just where your impulses and desires yank you.

If you use your sexual energy for good, I guarantee it will take you to your next level.
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