About 1,000 people at a vigil for Kevin Peterson Jr, a black man killed by Clark county sheriffs yesterday
Kevin Peterson Jr was 21 years old
Truck drives aggressively by vigil, crowd runs to the sidewalk
Tensions are rising. After this moment a car drove past and pointed a pistol at the crowd.
A scuffle breaks out, tensions continue to rise
Tensions continue to rise
A group of armed right wing counter protestors march through the vigil
A right wing counter protester with a long gun walks through the vigil
Right wing counter protestors walk parallel to the vigil
These armed people say they are providing security for this building
There is about a dozen armed men guarding this building
Outside the 99 salon, right wing demonstrators confront BLM supporters
Russel Shultz, formerly of patriot prayer, tries to de-escalate his side
Tensions high as both side face each other
Right wing counter demonstrators shout shout back and forth with BLM supporters
Some people are urging to fight
There are guns and baseball bats in the crowd
Outside the 99 saloon, armed right wing counter demonstrators
Crowds are arguing with each other
BLM supporter “we came here for a vigil”

Right wing counter demonstrator “Fuck that piece of shit”
Right winger demonstrator says “hee haww” to mock BLM supporter
“Don’t poke the bear”
BLM protestors are outside the Clark county courthouse. Federal protective service are outside the IRS standing off with protestors
Feds are on the corner of the IRS property. Protesters are in front of the Clark county courthouse
“Say his name, Kevin Peterson”
Feds standing guard in Vancouver, Washington
Feds give arrest warning for trespassing
Remnants of American flags from the courthouse in front of Feds
Protestors on the move in Vancouver, Washington
About 500 Black Lives Matters protestors moving through Vancouver, Washington
Protests throw rocks at courthouse windows
More windows broken
Some protesters are breaking windows along the way
Most protestors are marching and chanting
Protesters are placing dumpsters as barricades
A couple of protesters drop a fence
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