Fast Fact: My father helped found the masjid in Hazel Dell.

There are hundreds of people in the US Bank gathered for the vigil.

Cars ride by honking in support. Truck drivers hurl insults. Chuds are across the street backing the blue.
Emotions on 100. I was asked what song should be played, I asked for Strange Fruit.

Dozens of family and friends are paying their respects.

Had to run some press off the hill as the family didn't want them taking pics of them.

Balloons were released.
Very credible story that chuds are unloading weapons at the nearby masjid parking lot.
Tipped some press to the happenings and greeted a barrage of allies.

Slipped back into the center as an ambulance rolled by with its sirens on.
Emotions here are heavy.
Words is the chuds got pressed by some street dudes. Now they supposedly didn't know it was a vigil and I hear they are returning to Feed Meyer.

We are keeping an eye on it.

The programming is starting. I've been asked to speak. 100% chance I'm going to ball.
I've never seen so many Black people out here.

The valid cashapp to support the family is $FashoKP.

Hit that button.

Yeah I fucking cried my eyes out. Did my best to keep it short and non-political.

Jahdi made no such promise. He was up here going hard on abolition. The crowd is feeling it. How could they not?

@blackyouthmvmt is up now.

The girls behind me are balling.
Walked off with the medics for a bit.

The scene in the street is chaotic.
Chud with a AR walks through the crowd. The crowd is running him out.
Someone said the gunman was a
"Chandler" and that she saw him arguing with @2lesslegs yesterday.

Someone please confirm.

Another witness observed that he cocked the gun while walking.

I should note that there are a number of good guys with arms here.
Everyone is headed to the next location.
Dustin was missing for a sec, but he called me to let me know he's OK.

Apparently Chandler chambered a round and aimed at him before someone stopped him.

Some dummies in an apartment near the park started yelling at protesters as they walked up.

Now the entire crowd is chanting outside their window.
And more.
Somebody tried to break the City Hall glass but it's clearly reinforced.

Passing by a local bar some drunkards came out and tried to fight and got beat up.

REMINDER: My brother owns a barber shop down here and if anyone fucks it up, I'm fucking them up.

Have fun 😁
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