Important info for folks going to the vigil in WA tonight. Bail works differently there. There are two ways bail can be paid there. First you can pay bail in full in person with cash or a money order. 1/
Second option is going through a bail bonds person. You will just need to pay 10% of bail plus a fee to the bonds person. The person paying the bond is responsible for the entire bail if the person skips out on court. 2/
If you're headed up there- make a plan with friends/family to see who is willing to be that person. We can help with the money part but can't take on the larger responsibility of the whole bail amount
There will be legal observers on the ground and folks will be on the NLG line ready to support everyone going out tonight.
It would also appear that bonds people generally want collateral towards the full bail amount in the form of property, credit card, etc... This system is the worst and we hope no one gets arrested but we'll do our best to help folks navigate this. 5/
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