Thread : Need of a #HinduCivilizationState
#ClashofCivilizations is here
Ukraine-Russia, Mynamar-Rohingya, Australia/US-China, Armenia- Azerbaijan fighting each other backed by their civilizational partners Russia-Turkey. France standing up against Islamic civilization.  @ajaeys
2. Battles in #ClashofCivilizations can be classified into three stages:

Stage 1: Battle of civilizational Identity
Stage 2: Battle of leadership within own civilization
Stage 3: Fight against other civilization for supremacy or for equilibrium.
3. Due to highly liberal and leftist influence western civilization was pulled in stage 1 now they are waking up to bring itself back from stage1 to stage 3. France, Greece, UK & Australia are at the forefront of that change.  #Macron is leading the pack. @DharmicPeople
4. While india as a Nation State may stand with France
But does the entire civilization within the terriotorial Nation agree with him? @Infinitchy
5. For 1 section State position definitely does not matter. Whether it be CAA, NRC, 370, Babri Masjid, accomodation of Rohingya infiltrators or any matter. Religion comes first, State interest is secondary. @AartiTikoo
6. Territorial Nation state has been incapable to reconcile these 2 civilizations that are locked in 1 territorial landmass. These fault lines are well know to entire world, except our left liberal intelligentsia. @TIinExile
7. The world has exploited these fault lines in last big war and carved out pakistan from our Dharmic land and subsequently Pakistan has managed to do ethnic cleansing of not just Pakistan but alsi Kashmir coz mindset is same, territorial nation doesnt matter @Infinitchy
8. World will do all over again the same thing in the Clash of Civilizations as well, nothing has changed the mindset of the community and world is still the same and as @upword_
pointed we r back to square 1
9. If this happens again we will be “washed off” from the face of the earth. What will emerge are many small countries carved out by Western, Islamic & Chinese civilization from India. @adarshrjha @ChakshuMedia
10. This will be catastrophic for us, we will be homeless refugees in our own land and will have nowhere to go. We will be aliens in our own lands or simply be digested.If your grand kids will roam freely in this land, will depend on how you fight this war today. @bhoomiputraa
11. Solution lies in the Hindu waking up and demanding a #HinduCivilizationalState to safeguard his own identity. That's my reason whats your reason for #HinduCivilizationalState. @upword_ @ajaeys @Infinitchy @DharmicPeople @Voice_Of_Dharma
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