Day 6 of #SpookySlick: Mpreg

Hannibal heard the quiet sniffles first, as if Will was trying to hide the fact that he was crying. He followed the sound until it manifested into uncontrollable sobs.
Hannibal found him in the kitchen, leaning over the counter. He put his arms+
Will frantically wiped at his face, one hand propped on his pregnant belly. He looked up at Hannibal rather helplessly as he continued to cry. “I wanted a cookie but there’s just two and if I eat one the other one will be all alone, Hannibal!” He fell into Hannibal as best he+
could, his baby bump getting in the way. He wiped at his eyes again, still sniffling. “But that’s stupid, isn’t it?”
Hannibal smiled softly. “You’re just hormonal, sweetheart. It’s perfectly natural to find otherwise normal things upsetting when you’re so far along in your +
pregnancy.” He wiped a fat tear from Will’s cheek, smoothing it with his thumb. “Eat the cookie; the other one won’t mind.”
Will smiled then and leaned into his touch. “You always know the right thing to say,” he said as he reached for the cookie, “even if you don’t like me+
eating these things.”
Hannibal wrinkled his nose. “It’s true, I don’t approve of your snacking on processed foods, but I also understand that cravings are a normal part of pregnancy.” His eyes shined. “I’ve always enjoyed indulging you.”
Will leaned in and kissed him+
softly. Between them, the baby kicked. “See, the baby likes cookies too,” Will said with a smile. Hannibal slipped his hand down to Will’s bump and lightly stroked it. “I’ve already started spoiling you, Little One,” he said with a smile. “Why stop now?”
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