When this is over, I feel like we’re going to need a national seminar on “How To Respond To Republicans Arguments Now Proven To Be In Bad Faith.”

People must learn how to say “you are a liar.” And “I don’t give a fuck that we used to clerk together, asshole.” Or “Lol, debt.”
I feel like @jeffjarvis and @TiffanyDCross should lead this training.
“No, no no no. No, nobody believes you care about “the vets” anymore. Nobody has to pretend you are anything other than full of shit.”
Do you know how much of my freaking life I’ve WASTED trying to explain to be that @FedSoc is [gestures broadly] EXACTY WHO THEY’VE SHOWN THEMSELVES TO BE??

I’m never going “back.” I’m never again PRETENDING that these people are reasonable to make white people comfortable.
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