1 For those of you that, perhaps for your own sanity, don't follow Azeri twitter, a thread
2 Today I saw a video posted by someone on Azerbaijani twitter, of an Armenian grandma, 84 years old, sitting in what looks like a hospital. Here is the video: https://twitter.com/i/status/1322092131763294208
She is saying that she was left alone in Hadrut, a village in Karabagh, after the Armenians retreated. Azeri soldiers came and helped her, brought her to the hospital in Baku and made sure she was well treated.
This video is being posted in response to any accusation of human rights violations from @Artak_Beglaryan , a man who was blinded by a landmine as a child and still manages to do more in one hour than many human rights organizations have done in the last year
The posts are mostly by Azerbaijani trolls saying that this poor grandma was left abandoned by Armenians.
She was actually transferred by the red cross from Azerbaijan to Armenia yesterday. https://www.icrc.org/.../nagorno-karabakh-conflict-icrc...
Today a video by the investigation committee of Armenia was posted where they interview her. Her voice is dubbed in standard Armenian because she speaks Karabagh/Artsakh dialect. The video is here.
In the video, she says she was captured by Azeri soldiers with two Armenian men, who were tortured and executed. She was thrown pieces of sugar and given two cups of tea while in the "hospital" in Baku over 3 days.
She was forced most likely by torture to make statements against Armenia and Pashinyan. She was finally brought to safety thanks to the Red Cross.
An 84 year old man captured in Hadrut died while being held "in the hospital" in Baku before he could be transferred to Armenia by the Red Cross.
If you are wondering why Armenians are going crazy right now, this is why.
This isn't just a war of drones or guns or trenches, which is already terrible in its scale of human loss. This is a war of callous lies and abuse of the most vulnerable of the population to win that war of lies at any expense.
My great-great-grandmother, on my Jewish side, ran away from Leningrad as the Nazis were approaching. The train they were on was bombed and she carried my great-great-grandfather on her back through Nazi occupied territory, hiding in villages where Russian partisans protected her
The partisans managed to get them both to their son, my great-grandpa in the south of Russia. My great-great-grandfather died within a week after escaping the Nazis. I thought this kind of suffering was over. Someday it has to be, doesn't it?
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