Some thoughts on my job & its methods during the war btwn #Azerbaijan & #Artsakh/ #Karabakh:
-Do my best to work w/ #HumanRights professional & humanistic methods;
-Avoid #FakeNews & propaganda stuff keeping reliability of our source;
-Open to accept & correct my mistakes.
The war intensity, extent & dangers are so high that it’s impossible:
-To cover all the events properly;
-To be operative always;
-To find/present all the proofs professionally;
-To follow all the news, statements & feedbacks;
-To respond to all the requests/messages.
Though working with professionalism & humanism, I can’t be neutral, like anyone, as:
-I’m #Armenian & live in #Artsakh/ #Karabakh;
-I & my relatives/friends are being brutally affected by #Azerbaijan aggressions;
-I’m a high-level official, however, independent one.
My statements are often tough esp to intl community, as:
-See people suffering: killed, wounded, orphaned, homeless,terrorized;
-See intl statements but not actions;
-Frustrated with #HumanRightsForAll vs #RealPolitik;
-See foreigners’ human sympathy vs political apathy.
-I’m a human not robot;
-I’m a professional not propagandist;
-I don’t hate anyone & want peace for all;
-I bear responsibility for all do/say;
- #HumanRights higher than political interests;
-Intl community has responsibility to protect/prevent w/ all ways
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