So in summary:

Sept 21: SAGE calls for 2-3 week lockdown. PM refuses.

Oct 13: Keir Starmer calls for 2-3 week lockdown. Govt source brands him a “shameless opportunist”.

Oct 30: Government scientists say it’s now too late for a 2-3 week lockdown and it’ll have to be longer.
Of course, SAGE’s call on Sept 21 was only one in a package of five potential measures, and it admitted the economic costs would be great. But, well, look where we are now.
More than anything I’m so exhausted. Finally finishing 2 weeks of isolation only to face more lockdown. And I live in an ok flat, don’t have kids, and am still earning a salary. Can’t imagine how emotionally draining this is for the millions in a more stressful situation.
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