This is just sad. I watched family break down in the middle of the street over the loss of #KevinPetersonJr and now Far-Right chuds are planning on harrassing a Vigil for him tonight. Ill add to thread about the threats last night and chatter I hear about tonight. 1/
4 different Far Right contingents calling for peeps 2 show at Vigil.Audra Price from #BlueLivesMatter Cops NW group and Joey Gibson of Patriot Prayer are 2. Audra helps spread rumors there was a riot last night in Hazel Dell. I havnt seen this type of chud response in a bit 2/
Here are the rumors chuds are spreading of rioting last night and explosives targeting bridges. Donnalyn is not even from here but shows alot with her Nazi Buddy Jimmy Willingham. ProudBoy Chad Feldman that knocked out a women with his cast on A22 has 25ppl coming 3/...
@FredMeyerStores has been notified by Clark County Sherriff of the situation and the manager said there is nothing they can do, because they can't determine who are agitators and who are customers.
Word is that Far-Right chuds already circling after they put a call out that BLM was already at US bank an hour ago. This could just be family or random that are checking out area where someone was killed by police.
Here is a quickly drawn up map of Vigil area or where not to get stuck if you need to leave quickly
*Correction* instructions on map say go west on 68th, it should say go east on 68th until you go St John's Rd
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