Perdue wouldn't disclose his campaign events. But we found him in central Ga., where his supporters tried to stop us from asking him questions. He declined to explain why he wouldn't reveal his events, took a whack at Ossoff and wouldn't say if he regretted mocking Harris' name
In other race, Warnock has been largely unscathed though that will change when there’s a runoff. Rs showing no daylight with Trump. “I don't quibble,” Collins said when asked if he had any issues with Trump’s pandemic response. “I don't go back and forth with him on his response”
With one poll showing him at 49%, Ossoff’s goal is to win it outright Tuesday, though many believe it will also end up in a runoff. That means the Senate majority could potentially be hanging in the balance for weeks if one or both races go into January. Story w/ @alizaslav
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