I'm going to tell one of my favorite Halloween memories, long form, because it always cheers me up

This was a dozen years ago when I was working a terrible joyless office job

I had a coworker with a 3-year-old daughter, so this was the first year that she really "got" Halloween
My co-worker, A, took her daughter, C, to the store to pick out a costume. It was wall-to-wall princesses and unicorns and kitty cats but C took one look at a costume further down the aisle and absolutely insisted it was what she wanted

It was called "Gatekeeper of Hell"
It was a skull mask, a long red and black cape, and a scythe. A would laugh in the days leading up to Halloween because C would insist on having the costume taken out every day so she could gaze at it, her little heart overflowing with wanting it
The day of Halloween, A put C in the costume and dropped her off at preschool. A couple of hours later, she got a call from them.

"Uh," they said, "C keeps reaping the other children."

Apparently C was enthusiastically chasing and terrorizing everyone, with unearthly growls
The preschool very much wanted C to go home for the day. We were slammed at work, so A got permission to bring her into the office.

And, this kid... this kid was experiencing Halloween on a whole different level
A put down a blanket and toys in her cubicle, but C was much more interesting in sneaking into everyone else's cubicle, screaming, and slashing at them with the scythe

Obviously, we were delighted
We started falling out of our chairs in dramatic death scenes, which made C so happy she would crow in delight

I think I was gruesomely reaped fifteen times that day. I never got tired of it.
That was such a terrible time in my life. I can think of few moments of joy. But dang if we didn't Halloween with the best of them that day.
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