FACT: More people living in LTC in Ontario have died of #Covid19 in the last week alone (27) than in the last 2 mths. Is this an indication that the virus is less dangerous than it used to be? Less of an impediment to "moving on"? 1/
FACT: Disproportionately more younger people under age 40 are being infected now vs 1st wave. Several reasons:
- almost everyone adherent to PH during shock/fear of 1st wave
- shift to online work
- good weather = outdoor activity 2/
FACT: Easing of restrictions + colder weather + return to "feeling normal" has led to many more young (previously unexposed) people now becoming infected. Many elderly, frail are still relatively "isolated". Note that does NOT mean immune to further risk. 3/
FACT: Elderly still facing very poor conditions in LTC + ⬆️community transmission means they will continue to see outbreaks & deaths. You CANNOT "shelter" elderly people w/o controlling community transmission. No evidence this works #SwedenFail 4/
FACT: The often less than subtle inference that our elders are disposable or less meaningful to the value of our society & should be sacrificed for the benefit of our economy/others freedoms is repugnant. They are PEOPLE, not rotting fruit. Respect please. 5/
FACT: lack of exponential growth does not mean lack of threat and back to "business as usual". It means you have slightly more time to avoid more catastrophic harm. Time to fortify your risk mitigation strategies NOT dilute them. 6/
FACT: Everybody's "tired", some for more valid reasons than others. Guess who isn't tired? Covid-19. It doesn't care how frustrated, annoyed or aggrieved you are by this. It doesn't negotiate. Stop trying to cut corners & "make a deal". YOU WILL LOSE. 7/
FACT: What's with all the nihilism about impossible to fix an economy without sacrificing interminably on every other level? Solid TAT + COLLECTIVE cultural adherence + unhasty easing of restrictions = success. Requires tempering our expectations 8/
FACT: We DON"T HAVE very good TAT right now. That means we are probably:
a) dealing with way more disease than we are recording
b) don't know exactly where it's coming from
This means our adherence to PH guidance + patience is MOST important 9/
FACT: Taiwan has not had a single case in over 200 days. Nobody is living under martial law or tyranny. Economy is flourishing. Health care capacity has not collapsed. People are happy. It's not impossible. A little hope + a LOT of discipline works! 10/
FACT: This WILL go away. LOTS of HOPE. Much better understanding of transmission properties + vaccines in < 1 y. But... If you're in it for the name on the back of your jersey, not the front, the whole team loses. #TeamFirst 10/
FACT: This is a marathon. We have hit a wall but we will be get through it. Be focused, hopeful & kind (don't trip anyone else please) Envision the finish line and how proud we will all be! #dontgiveup #CanadaFirst 🇨🇦
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