Christians are debating over whether policy or character is the determinative factor for choosing who to vote for as President. The problem is that many are talking as if Trump's policies somehow make up for or are worth voting for despite his character flaws. But they don't.
They are perfectly in line with his character flaws, not some sort of saving grace.

The claims that his administration has purportedly "saved" the American trifecta of religious liberty, the pro-life movement, and capitalism - are dubious and misleading and also make one
question exactly how "Christian" certain policies even are in the first place.

His purported pro-religious liberty policies have coincided with a multifold growth of both Christian nationalism and jaded ex-vangelicals. His purported pro-life policies have resulted in the
continued funding of planned parenthood and no changes from a federal level on the issue of abortion. Has he "saved" capitalism with his policies? That's possible. But then again, a) was capitalism ever at risk of being wholesale overthrown? b) what brand of capitalism is being
"saved"? and b) do Christians have any warrant to defend this specific brand of capitalism at whatever cost?

Furthermore, the policies that his administration has put into place during his term (and future ones that are currently being proposed) are decidedly of a nativist
nature, pushing back against long fought civil rights accomplishments, restratifying the socioeconomic makeup of the country toward a racialized oligarchy, and an unwillingness to address (or even listen to) injustices going on within our own country. Whether or not Trump is a
racist or a White supremacist is actually unnecessary to answer because his policies have been detrimental overall to the common good. Confirmation without a shadow of a doubt that he is a racist or White supremacist isn't necessary because his policies speak loudly and clearly.
Lastly, please don't reply with "What about Biden?" This thread is specifically replying to one course of discussion and conversation within Evangelicalism regarding Trump's character and policies.
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