The privileged will always have access to safe abortions.

They will always have access to healthcare.

Always be able to immigrate.

Always be allowed to break the law. Rarely held accountable.

Allowed their gender identity and sexual orientation.
They will always have food, shelter, water, quality of life, access to mental health care... their human rights are really not infringed upon. Even when they are held accountable the conditions are humane.

And I’m so glad they have all of that.

I am so glad their rights are upheld and respected. What I don’t appreciate is that they actively deny that to others. That they think maintaining their privilege at the expense of everyone else is more important that equality and equity.
That they want to make decisions based on their reference point, like it is the only reference point that exists or that matters.

The privileged can’t lead us to heaven because they don’t know what’s it’s like to be denied your humanity,
to be punished for not betraying yourself, to have your own agency taken away from you, to fear for your life and safety at all times. Heaven is attainable for them as things are right now, so they don’t feel the urgency of those who live in hell all the time.
The privileged can’t lead us, and that means we have to amplify and support those in the margins, and listen to have they have to say. It means we have to stop trusting the privileged to lead us.
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