Worried about violence during & after the election? One tech company that’s facilitating violent right-wing organizing: the walkie-talkie app @Zello, which enables armed, far-right militias to organize on their platform. Here’s a thread with action items for you to take. 1/
As @ozm reported, it’s easy to join the platform & find militia folks preparing for civil war. Here’s a screenshot of the far right militia groups I joined in 1 day this week, all of which proudly operate on @Zello. 2/ https://onezero.medium.com/banished-from-facebook-far-right-militias-prepare-for-the-election-on-zello-and-mewe-10f9b05ff92b
If you want to help, tag @Zello and pressure them to oust militia groups. A spokesperson says @Zello is working to “update their TOS,” but working to save the election means there’s no more time and we need to ramp up the pressure. 3/
Tag the businesses @Zello follows and ask why they are working with @Zello. Make them accountable for what they’re enabling. Many more details below: 4/
There are two @Zello apps, the free one used by militia groups like the Oath Keepers and a paid service through which the company provides services to EMTs, trucking/logistics companies, and hotels. 6/
Like any other tech company, @Zello relies on VC cash to grow and expand, and needs to recruit VCs to inject cash into their company. They also work with businesses who might want to know that their cash is being used to foment a potential second civil war. 7/
. @Zello itself has known for months about this; according to info from inside the company they have known about many of these groups since violent anti-BLM counterprotests began in June. They have taken no significant action to curb this activity. 9/ https://twitter.com/MicahLoewinger/status/1320454622696378369
How does a company continue to sit on this type of information for so long, knowing full well what these groups are capable of and have been caught doing in the future? CEO Bill Moore’s response: 10/ https://twitter.com/loisbeckett/status/1318918804190101505
. @Zello has specifically been used for a long time, with some experts pointing to knowing about their use among militia groups in 2016: 11/ https://twitter.com/egavactip/status/1318601340269068293
Not all militia groups are propaganda outfits alone, and the Oath Keepers have either organized or contributed to a string of violent incidents, actualized or threatened. Many of these events have had Black Lives Matter or government officials as their targets, for example: 14/
Recently, Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes has been kicked off of Twitter for calling for the next civil war to begin after Patriot Prayer member Jay Danielson was shot and killed in Portland 19/ https://www.engadget.com/twitter-the-oath-keepers-211426663.html
Oath Keepers have been using the @Zello app for a long time; for example, @Zello was used by Oath Keepers/III% at the Oregon standoff according to @gwupoe’s @jjmacnab: 22/ https://twitter.com/jjmacnab/status/1318613725650259972
In the @onthemedia piece, @MicahLoewinger and @HamptonStall sent a sample list of 200+ violent groups using @zello, many of which included channels used explicitly for recruitment. The Oath Keepers were prominent among those they sent to Zello: 23/ https://twitter.com/loisbeckett/status/1318914622024425472
There are questions about how this may go against both the terms of service for both @Zello and the phone app stores like @AppStore and @GooglePlay 24/ https://twitter.com/slpng_giants/status/1318614425876660225
As mentioned above, action items you can do: tag @Zello and pressure them to oust violent militia groups. Tag the businesses they follow and ask why they are working with @Zello. Make them accountable. You can also contact @Zello directly here: https://zello.com/contact/  /end
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