Personally, the first red pill for me was finding out about the New World order. The NWO was introduced to me through the Denver airport.
The Denver airport is a very strange place, with a lot of mysterious characteristics. The art displayed and the murals portrayed below are off putting to say the least. But what do they mean?
Does the DIA have a deeper meaning? Was it just poor taste in art? Or is this the symbolism of the deepstate depicting the New world order? Below is a time capsule scribed with a Freemason symbol and the words “New World Airport Commission”. coincidence?
Symbolism will in fact be there downfall. Even the structure layout of the airport seems to maybe have a hidden message. Look familiar?
Why was the Denver airport even built? There was already a functioning airport in the Stapleton area. With no rhyme or reason it was built in 1995 only raising suspicion that its creation was perhaps for a sinister reason.
Below is a piece of art within the Denver airport. Was this there plan? This was painted in 1994, it is now 2020 and it some how predicted our future? How?
What exactly lies below the Denver airport?
So what is the point of the symbolism and oddness of the DIA? Is it in favor of the NWO? Does the global elite have a diabolical plan that we aren’t aware of? If you never heard of the Denver airport conspiracy, then I am happy to have been the one to introduce you.
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