"Gingrich called an electoral map showing a landslide Trump victory with 326 electoral votes, 'the first Electoral College map that made sense' before claiming that the Left will be 'terribly shocked' following Election Day."
It's not only Trump, his strength, and his policies but also the fact the Democrats have made it absolutely impossible for sane people to vote for them.

Their platform is political suicide, their attacks on Trump are laughably stupid, and their candidate is senile.
Come on, man! https://twitter.com/TrumpWarRoom/status/1321910211435790338
When you toss in the endless political violence and the threats by the DEMOCRATIC VICE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE to persecute any American who supported Trump, it becomes clear that the Democrats must be kept away from all positions of power.
If the Democrats win, the REAL HELL begins.

The Democrats will have no reason whatsoever to rein in the Brownshirts.

The FBI formally becomes the Gestapo.

We get a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to make sure that we NEVER DARE TO ELECT ANOTHER TRUMP.
Since every single criticism of Trump is FALSE, that means that the Democrats will be operating on pure vindictiveness.

Maskism becomes permanent.

Lockdowns happen every few months.

And since we have LOCKDOWNS, all jobs get transferred to China.

The more rabid and frenzied the Democrats get, the more people will vote for Trump.

This is what happens when you're governed by hate.

I had a fake veteran here last night spooling out the same zombie talking points that have no basis in fact.
He got so riled up that he finally admitted what we all know:

He wasn't trying to argue a position.

His only purpose was to attack and insult.


"We don't want your vote! It's impure!"

Well, fake veteran: How do you win without votes?
And the answer is that you don't, of course.

So on social media, the strategy is to chase away voters, and out in the real world, the strategy is to murder, assault, commit arson, and loot.

And the media strategy is to accuse Trump of being everything Democrats are.
The mind is officially boggled.

"Don't vote for Trump because he's a dictator!"

"Wait: My Democratic governor has become a dictator. You're saying don't vote for dictators? Trump hasn't been a dictator. Well, he's got my vote then."
"Don't vote for Trump because he's a Russian asset!"

"Wait: I've seen a hell of a lot of evidence that Democrats are in the pockets of the communist Chinese. You're saying don't vote for people working for our enemies? Well, Trump's got my vote then."

People who you NEVER thought would be informed are rattling off FACTS as though they took college courses on all this.

They're going for Trump in a huge way.

And they gravitate toward PASSIONATE Trump supporters.

Not milquetoasts.
The Democrats hate a man of their own invention.

He doesn't exist.

And their strategy is to make it impossible to vote for THEIR candidate.

As a result, Trump gets his landslide.

It's inevitable.

WE vote based on reality.
And that's why the only choice is Donald J. Trump.

We leave the hallucinations to the Democrats.

Since our lives are at stake, and since the Democrats have promised us our own destruction, the election result is a foregone conclusion.

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