How do I get consistent sales, followers & connections for my GhostTweeting clients?

(And how you can start making BIG $$$ on Twitter while balancing long term follower trust)

Quick thread.
You need 2 things to make it on Twitter.

1. Long term follower trust

2. Sales

The key to making a killing is balancing these two.

-Follower count
-Retweet groups
-Viral tweets

Definitely help.

But they're not the most important things...
My secret to getting sales AND attracting the people we want is simple:


You need to balance

-Demonstrating Expertise
-Proof of Work
-Engaging Tweets
-Being Relatable

Here's where 80% of Money Twitter fails:
People only focus on the last two:

-Engaging Tweets
-Being Relatable

Which is great. I'm all for it.

But if you want to make serious $$$, you need to be an expert at something.

Answer me this:

"What expertise outside Twitter can you bring into Twitter?"
If you don't have anything, that's ok.


3 weeks of 1 hour a day are enough to learn VALUABLE skills:

-Lead Gen
-Facebook Ads
-Ghostwriting (I took this route)

There are others, of course.

Find a skill. Get good at it. Report what you learn.
Great! Now you have a skill. What's next?

Introducing, The Balance Strategy.
Write tweets about

-Email Signup

This way you attack all fronts:

-People who like you
-People who could work with you
-People who could buy from you

This is not carved in stone. Play around with it.

Not everyone can write a weekly thread.

Not everyone can talk about dense, technical topics twice a day.

Do what works for you to prevent burnout + keep showing people you're good at what you do.
Get the Balancing Template right here if you'd like:

(Just $9 now. It will cost way more in the future) 

You're not selling because you don't show people what you're good at.


-Expertise / Technical
-Being Relatable / Your Story
-Sales Tweets
-Email Signups

If you don't have a skill, learn it.

It doesn't take much time.

And it will make you money.
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