Eyes on #Pennsylvania, folks. We are dealing w/ literal criminals: “Preate, who served as attorney general from 1988 to 1995, fell from grace following his conviction on mail fraud charges for accepting illegal campaign donations. He served 14 months in a federal prison...” 1/
3/ Correction: he’s an ex-felon. But if he’s dealing with Bannon and Trump, he is not repentant.
5/ At about 3:30, Alexandra Preate discusses the PA counties that flipped to Trump in 2016 & Trump strategy for 2020. Her father, who was recently interviewed by Bannon, was PA’s AG before he went to prison 4 accepting an illegal campaign donation. https://americasvoice.news/video/4E5jxwCcbcN8KII/
7/ “Preate resigned in June after pleading guilty to mail fraud, admitting that he filed fraudulent campaign finance reports to cover up the contributions.
The plea bargain did not address allegations that the illegal contributions bought relaxed enforcement of gambling laws.”
8/ "’We're door-knocking all over the place [in PA] ..., said Elizabeth Preate-Havey, GOP chairwoman in Montgomery County, PA’s third-most populous county.” 9/9/20

JC note: Ds must watch Montgomery County & all of PA closely. Bannon + Preate = 😳.
10/ This is from Alexandra Preate’s Twitter account. She recently RT’d this post claiming that bunches of DEMOCRATS in PA love Trump & plan to vote for him. Smacks of propaganda. Narrative warfare.
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