awae as halloween costumes — a thread
anne — pirate

• super detailed costume (sword, eyepatch, and everything)
• gets really into character
gilbert — detective

• tries to stay in character but he’s really bad at it
• anne helped him pick out the suit
ruby — princess

• obsessed with all the details of her costume
• makes everyone call her “princess ruby”
diana — angel

• designated “mom” of the group, who makes sure everyone is ok
• made the wings herself
jerry — ghost

• very last minute
• thinks he looks “scary” even though he’s just wearing a sheet
cole — skeleton

• fancy victorian skeleton
• would spend hours on the cool makeup look
josie — devil

• scary but cute energy
• pretends to hate halloween, but actually loves it
jane — witch

• lowkey believes in witches
• won’t stop singing songs about witches (her favorite is “witchy woman”)
tillie — bat

• makeup enthusiast
• wants to have a unique, but classic costume
ka’kwet — vampire

• victorian style
• loves scaring people with fake blood
moody — zombie prince

• ruby made him match with her
• after a lot of begging, she let him be a “zombie prince” instead
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