questions for non scottish oomfs because most of the UK ones are all about england!
first, what do we call our exams

(hint, they arent GSCES or A levels)
second, this is kind of easy but, what is the national animal (bonus points if you can say why its the national animal too)
can you name any HISTORICAL scots? whether it be a writer, monarch, someone from a war, absolutely anyone
what is the traditional scottish clothing item most commonly worn by men at weddings?
do u know anything about scottish independence from the uk/why so many people want it?
what is this building and where is it located?
who are these men?
what do we call trick or treating in Scotland?
who is the first minister of Scotland, and as a bonus what party does she belong to?
do u know the difference between the UK parliament and the scottish parliament (other than the fact that one is for the whole uk and one is for just scotland)
lastly, a possibly difficult one, what chant do Scottish people usually shout at concerts (more spesifically, concerts in glasgow)
1) national 5s and highers/advanced highers
2) a unicorn!!
3)loads but the easiest would be William wallace, robert the bruce or rabbie burns
4) a kilt!
6) holyrood parliament in Edinburgh!
7) the proclaimers!
8) guising ( like disguise, dressing up!)
9) nicola sturgeon of the snp
11) here we, here we, here we fucking
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