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I've been reading Econ for 6 years.

Studying for 3.

You don't need that much time.

1-2 solid years of learning & you're good to go.

Now let's get to you making money.
The good 'ol Supply & Demand Graph.

Prices depend on:

- quantity supplied

- quantity demanded

When a quantity changes, so does the price.

Let's use a Rona example.
You had a gym resolution for 2020.

Until COVID fucked it all up.

Your gym got shut down.

So you went out and bought home gym equipment.

Others did the same.
Demand for home gym equipment skyrocketed.

Supply didn't keep pace.

Prices ballooned.
This happened with pools too.

Who doesn't love a pool in the hot ass summer?

With community pools on lock, demand rose.

Backyard pool prices went up.
Imagine being a reseller weeks ahead of this curve.

You buy 10 home gym sets at $250 each, sell for $500 each.

$2500 profit.

Buy 5 pools at $350 each, sell for $600 each.

$1250 profit.
If only you thought about this demand curve shift.

A lil dash of awareness.

But no, you waited weeks for your flipping group to tell you.

Or maybe you don't flip.

If so, you now have a tool to start.
Now Zae, pandemics and lockdowns aren't common.

These mass shocks aren't the norm.

You're right.

You can still profit from economics though.
The cost of winter goods falls in summer.

Same is true for summer goods in winter.

( Demand falls more than supply, so price ↓ )
If you can sit on these items, you're golden.

Scale to a flipping empire.

If you don't want this, pay attention.

To your community, your country.

Then build a business with your findings.
Events impact supply & demand.

Local conditions express them.

Take @DontezAkram
He noticed a durag shortage in his community.

Made an online biz to address it.

Econ says: Undersupply = firm profit opportunity

He turned Econ 101 into Ecom empire.
You don't need next-level market analytics.

You don't need hours of news.

You sure as fuck don't need an Econ PhD.
A solid foundation in economics is all.

A dash of awareness doesn't hurt.

Invest 1-2 years.

Make $$$ for decades.
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