Conversation between a Blackpiller and Raita in 2050:

BP: Tejasvi Surya's second term is about to finish, your party has been in power for the last 35 years out of 50, yet Hindus are treated worse than 3rd class citizens, only 5% of temples remain outside govt control, every
third person under 30 is unemployed and our child malnutrition rate is now worse than Ethiopia. How can you still justify all of this?

Raita: Shame on you for questioning the greatest leader our country has ever produced! Did you ask the same questions to Kejriwal when he was
PM for two years? How do you expect us to dislodge the Nehruvian left-liberal lobby so easily, huh? Did you not see how fearlessly Suryaji ordered a surgical strike on Pakistani terror camps in Jammu last year, what about that!

BP: Yeah, but Jammu used to be part of India not
too long ago, and it was under your party's watch that it went to Pakistani control and all Hindus were expelled from there. If you don't even care for them, fine, but what about your own party workers? Last month a suicide bomber blew up your local party meet in Jaipur & 12
Karyakartas were killed. Why not a single word of condemnation or at least condolences for their families from the prime minister?

Raita: What do you want Surya sir to do! Talk about every road accident and every robbery which happens at train station? He's the country's prime
minister, tere jaise khali nahi baithe hain!

BP: Well, since you brought that up, I actually run a very successful accountancy practice and am also on the board of a multi-national biotech firm, but if I recall correctly, you had a diploma in, what was it... "Complete Political
Science as taught by Shri Shri Modiji, Eternal Leader of India" but are currently unemployed except for a small stipend you get monthly from the local shakha

Raita: You $$#@ Islamist rascal! You are an ISI agent, Chinese puppet, Hinduphobe, Khangressi, AAPtard...
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