As we prepare to face the outcome of our democracy we invite you to:

1️⃣Stop doom scrolling
2️⃣Take a pause

We've all witnessed immense loss this year unique to all of us but during this time of grief, let's remember to honor & cherish who & what we've lost 🧵👇🏽
The losses haven't been easy to carry.

Some have lost loved ones due to #COVID19. Immigrant & POC families who have been particularly ravaged by the virus, have suffered both emotional and economic losses.
Many may still be battling the pain of family separation years on or waiting for their loved one to be released from detention.
Others remain in constant fear & uncertainty with the thought of losing their DACA status as the program continues to be under attack by the Administration.
Following the legacy of all those affected by COVID, the lives shattered by prolonged detention and the uncertainty of an unclear future with DACA, our work will continue to uphold & honor the sacrifices and the resiliency of the immigrant community.
These upcoming days, as many in our community take part in #DiaDeMuertos - a sacred holiday that celebrates death & life, where mourning is exchanged for celebration - we ask that you take some time to reflect & cherish the memories of those lost or even far away.
In a moment in which we can't be physically together, we invite you to come together virtually for #DiaDeMuertos by creating your own digital ofrenda, sharing a story, image, or any other token of a loved one lost & join us in celebrating their memory.

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