And now, a thread of ridiculous #Halloween costume ideas that represent very serious anti-environmental moves the Trump administration has taken. #TrumpEnvironmentalHalloween
Shrink a wool sweater to 15% its original size and try to put it on. You're now what Trump has done to Bears Ears National Monument. #TrumpEnvironmentalHalloween
Cut an arm and leg holes into a trash bag, fill it with shredded paper. You are the 100 environmental regulations Trump has rolled back since 2017. #TrumpEnvironmentalHalloween
Cover yourself in print-outs of environmental regulations, then put on roller blades and have a friend roll you backwards, just like Trump's doing to those regs. #TrumpEnvironmentalHalloween
Put on a bathing cap, carry a bar of soap, and paint yourself green. You're the most anti-environment administration in history trying to greenwash itself. #TrumpEnvironmentalHalloween
Wear the warmest clothes you own, refuse to acknowledge that you're sweating, and even if you are, keep saying that no one can prove why. You are Trump's denial of climate change.
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Show up to a party uninvited and don't leave for 424 days. You're former acting Bureau of Land Management director William Perry Pendley. #TrumpEnvironmentalHalloween
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