Niall's back profile is just as appealing as his front profile is...his posture when he's sitting, walking, dancing, working out or just simply standing is amazing!!

Niall's back appreciation (throughout the years) ~ a thread
That beautiful back profile in the dark 😍💫
When he used to wear those tanks in the TMH era, they perfectly showcased his back muscles 😍🥵
More from the TMH era...😍🔥
Some more...😍🔥
Without the tank, you can clearly see those back muscles on his bare back! 😳🔥🥵
Love this gif where he's proudly showing off his back muscles
Just casually flexing his back while walking 😍🔥
Then vs. Now 😳😍🔥🥵
Love this scene from the OTL music video where he's walking down the street (like a boss)....his back posture while walking is beautiful! 😍❤
One of my favourite picture that showcases his wonderful back profile, that too in a suit!😍💫
How can you not admire his back profile when he's just standing there like this😍💗
Perfection even from the back!
Then vs. Now 2.0 (the glow up is real) 😍🔥
Whether he's wearing his On the Loose merch or his Nice to Meet Ya merch, they both look beautiful on him even from the back side, with his name! 😍❤
The back view when he's on the stage, performing is just mind blowing! 🎸👨‍🎤
His back view when he's standing in an arena/hall and just mesmerized by their these 2 picture make me feel so proud of Niall!

How it started How's it going
His perfect back profile when he was dancing in the Ntmy alternate video, love this one!🕺🤩
These 2 pictures are just too hot, the way he's checking out himself in the mirror while wearing a tank, and the way his biceps and back muscles are showcased😳🔥🥵
The Ntmy music video also gave us a perfect view of his back profile when he was casually walking down the streets of Soho London 😍🔥
The glow up is amazing even from the back! 💫👨‍🎤🎸
One of my favorite part from the RAH video!! 💓✨
His back profile when he's going on stage, walking like a boss 😌😍🎸
The perfect back view of his posture when he's sitting down and playing the piano 😍😍
Ending this thread with this iconic scene from the RAH video, this part holds too much power and his back profile is..chef's kiss 😍💥🔥🥵❤
Special thanks to @NGLoveNH for giving me this idea for making this thread and also helping me find some of the pictures!!
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