On September 30, the old rent support program ended. It was wound down on the premise the program had missed the mark and would be replaced with an improved program. We supported a fresh start on commercial rent support. #cdnpoli #cdnbiz 1/4
However, the old program ending on September 30 without a replacement ready meant businesses were on their own to make their October 1 rent payments. This occurred during a second wave with revenues already way down. 2/4
Many small businesses, particularly in hard-hit sectors like restaurants, travel, and hospitality, do not have deep pockets - especially with reserves depleted. Now, November rent is due in two days and these businesses are still on their own to make another month’s rent. 3/4
We repeat, once again, these businesses are on a cliff. The urgency cannot be overstated. The legislation supporting the new rent support program, CEWS improvements, and CEBA expansion must be introduced and passed immediately. Our 🇨🇦 businesses are running out of time. 4/4
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