I'm in the mood for some bright spots: Let me tell you about some of the amazing @runforsomething candidates who could make history in this election...
AZ: Sarah Tyree is running to flip an AZ senate seat. Sarah, a veteran & social worker, could be the youngest elected official, the first Democrat (!!), and the first Black woman in the history of the district. https://www.tyreeforaz.com/ 
AZ: @DrRaviForTUSD -- a parent, doctor, and immigrant -- could be the first openly LGTBQ+ member of the Tucson Unified School District Governing Board. (I talked to him earlier this fall for our podcast - listen in: http://runforsomething.net/podcast )
CA: @VoteAlexLee2020 is running in the South Bay to win a seat in the CA state assembly. If he wins, he'll be the youngest member (he's 25!!!) and the state's first openly bisexual state legislator. https://directory.runforsomething.net/candidate/w9348/lee-alex
CA: @GodfreyPlata is an educator & organizer running for state assembly in Los Angeles. If he wins, he'll be the first openly LGBTQ immigrant in the legislature. He'll also be the only renter in the assembly. HUGE. https://directory.runforsomething.net/candidate/w7352/plata-godfrey
CA: @fatima4assembly is a public school teacher, advocate, and amazing progressive. If she wins, she'll be the first woman and person of Sri Lankan heritage to represent Los Angeles's District 64 & the first Muslim to serve in the CA State Assembly. https://directory.runforsomething.net/candidate/w8420/iqbal-zubair-fatima
MA: If small-business owner @MegSenate flips her seat in the MA state senate, she'll be the first woman to represent the district and the district's first Democrat in a longgg time. https://directory.runforsomething.net/candidate/879/wheeler-meg
NC: @NidaAllam won her competitive race for Durham County Commission back in March and after next week will officially be the first Muslim American woman elected in the state of North Carolina. https://directory.runforsomething.net/candidate/w8207/allam-nida
NC: @steelenchouse is a principal and teacher running to flip a seat in the NC state house; if she wins, she'll be the first Black person ever elected to the state legislature from her county. https://directory.runforsomething.net/candidate/w5319/steele-aimy
PA: @KolbeForPA10 is working to flip a seat in the PA state house (against a real slime ball) - if she wins, she'll be the first woman and first Black person to hold the seat. https://directory.runforsomething.net/candidate/883/cole-kolbe
PA: @RodasforPA is running an amazing race to flip a PA state house seat. If she wins, she'll be the youngest woman in the PA state leg (she's 25!) & the first Democrat to *ever* represent her district. I talked to her earlier this fall for our podcast: http://runforsomething.net/podcast 
TX: @CelinaForTexas is running to flip a seat in the TX state house; if she wins, she'll be the the first Democrat, the first Latina, and the youngest person to ever represent this district. https://directory.runforsomething.net/candidate/w6123/montoya-celina
This is a long thread & it's just the tip of the iceberg. These folks will being their entire identities with them if/when they win and govern - they'll make our gov't more reflective of the American people. I can't wait to celebrate with them when all the votes are counted. /end
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