The likely Russian admin, "Gina Grin," had been active in the group for 4+ years. The account posted a profile photo of actress Willa Ford, and pretended to be the pictured woman. They even mirrored the image to avoid reverse image search detection.
The admin account had posted a photo of puppies, claiming they belonged to her. She even gave them names and ages.

The images came from Pinterest, and a Google image search for "german shepherd puppies siblings" shows the same picture as the first result.
Leading up to Election Day 2016, posts by the likely Russian admin in "Pennsylvania for Trump" concentrated on Pennsylvania politics as well as defending Russia from accusations of interfering in the 2016 election, which continued after Nov. 8.
The person or people who managed Gina Grin's accounts used her profiles to generate a broader audience to perhaps lend credibility to the Facebook Groups in which she participated. She also consistently commented and posted links to the hacked DNC emails.
The admin account in this swing state group reeked of foreign fakery. It made what appeared to be a mistake by liking the page Молекулярная диагностика 2020, a science conference in Moscow supported by The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.
We asked Darren Linvell, creator of the Spot a Troll quiz, about foreign troll accounts from 2016 still being around four years later in 2020.
We were unable to confirm if the "Pennsylvania for Trump" Facebook Group (now called "Support Melania Trump") is still active. An admin set the group’s visibility to Hidden, meaning only its members can see it. Facebook provided no answers here.
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