Here is a real video of what I was trying to illustrate: in the first 1.5 minutes, a young man describes how reality started to become distant (at first, you see reality but it starts not to matter, but after a while you no longer see it):
He also explains how he started perceiving angry, hateful messages in music.

Many ask me about what is happening in Trump supporters, and this illustrates some of it, although it is artificially induced, not naturally occurring at in this young man.
They may hear angry, hateful messages in standard news programs, for example. The difference of a delusion is that you get defensive, even violent, when challenged. The “secondary” person comes to look much like the “primary” person, whose original symptoms they are exposed to.
Treatment for the primary person is usually medication, but for the secondary person, it is removal of exposure to the person inducing the symptoms (Donald Trump).

Caveat: long-term exposure can sometimes lead to a need for medication in the secondary person as well.
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