Yesterday, 1.2% of the entire population of Denmark got tested for corona. I had a test a few days ago, which was booked online 15 minutes in advance of appearance (with a doc referral), took 3 minutes (including wait), and produced an answer 15 hours later (negative). ✨💀
It's not like Denmark is immune to the virus. Numbers are surging here too. But the work that's gone into getting a superb testing system, good tracing system (current well within capacity), and – finally! – some comprehensive mask mandates is reassuring.
Reminder: Denmark is a significantly "poorer" country than the United States, measured in GDP per capita. There's no natural advantage. Copenhagen (1/5 of DK) is a dense city. It's dark and cold already. This level of preparedness is reproducible.
Another thing that impressed is just how digitized the entire flow is. Your doctor puts in a referral in a centralized system, you can then book your own appointment referencing that referral on the national test site, and your results are delivered to you and the doc online too.
Basically, the NATIONALIZED Danish health system is showing the PRIVATIZED American health system how its done by running circles around it. Tell me again how sOciAliZED meDICiNE is impossible. American exceptionalism apparently means exceptional incompetence.
There was a time when American prided itself on being compared to the best of the best. Now the level of ambition in ensuring good outcomes in something as basic as national health has essentially been reduced to AT LEAST WE'RE NOT VENEZUELA. U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A! Woooo.
It truly boggles the mind that people who are SO DAMN PROUD OF OUR COUNTRY 🇺🇸 somehow does not see a need to reconcile the fact that the bar for greatness has been set at simply not being the worst in the world.
And don't even get me started on the YoU cAn'T CoMPaRE UsA tO [Denmark/Europe/Canada/ANYWHERE FUNCTIONAL IN THE FUCKING WORLD]. In what other realm would you NOT compare to people/organizations/countries outperforming you?? Especially when they're poorer/smaller/less powerful.
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