Sat through some of @kunalb11 and @Memewala’s Biology of money and made notes. So its time to signal and gain engagement:

- Kunal and Anand chose to drop out of formal education institutes to get better more rigorous education in personal capacity driven by curiosity.
- Anand always intuitively believed that there is a science that connects everything. He learnt evolutionary sciences to understand how metaphors and narratives work for people.

- Money is a mimetic invention specific to homo sapiens only.
- Behaviors that find explanations in evolutionary sciences are often shared across species.

- Rules of money are being made on the go (evolution of financial instruments is an example).
- Understanding human irrationality and its relationship with money is key to understanding this evolution.

- Social signaling is a key method for species to ensure their progeny.

- Money is the technology key to inequality, altruism and various other social realities.
- Success for humans is extremely subjective, for animals it is more or less the same for everyone. Explains why human parent may or may not favor the smarter or the cuter kid.
- A bird's ability to seduce other individuals of its species may be a signal that the particular bird has better understanding of that species intra-group dynamics.
- Humans hoard because they deal in metaphors (proxies of something else, eg money is a proxy of trust, apple watch is proxy for wealth) + perishable items like food. Animals do not hoard because they are mostly only dealing with perishable items.
- Creating the 'other' is how you create groups

- Nature can seduce us because we are in our concrete jungles (fascination with the 'other'). Nature is governed by the laws of jungle, it is anything but peaceful.
- Humans have language, language and communication help us signal without being brute or attractive. This is not the case with animals.

- Your (mating) actions are your genes method to make more copies of itself.
- There are errors along the way of evolution that create variations. Evolution is not a deterministic process, only some of it is(?).
- The biggest evolutionary success of human beings is symbolism. We have this superior cognitive ability. The word 'elephant' signifies the elephant but isn't elephant itself. The word here is a symbol for that animal, a code for that animal.

- Covid has made us more efficient.
100 points for whoever adds the rest of the notes to this thread.

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