Just a few more days until this election. Just a few more. If you're watching us from afar, know that many many people in this country are doing their best to make things better by voting him out. Please show up, and do the thing, everyone.
I can only imagine how batshit nuts America looks from afar. And yeah, we have that history. But we also have a lot of people fighting for equality, all over the place, in rural areas & in cities. People are fighting to expand narratives of American history to feature everyone.
The narratives about the "radical left" are horseshit. Fighting for equality in a country that's always traded on calling itself Equal, but has never achieved actual equality for all, isn't radical. There's nothing radical in demanding the country keep its most basic promise.
The people getting categorized as dangerous radicals now are merely asking that America maintain for everyone the same rights rich white men have. The difficulty is that rich white men gave themselves a lot of rights over the bodies of everyone else. So, it is uncomfortable.
Mind, no one consciously wants to keep a full throttle hierarchy system wherein women do not own their own bodies & BIPOC are constantly treated as criminals, except rich white men who benefit. Of course, people follow them, imagining they buy safety with loyalty. They don't.
The system is ripe for a retelling, a retranslation if you will (given that happens to be my specialty!) & it is easy to see the omissions and outright falsehoods in the narrative of America that've created a panic of revisionists who claim liberty for all was never the deal.
But ffs. Even with the catastrophic genocidal beginnings of America (consistently denied, which, it should be said, is like denying two holocausts), Liberty For All Was always the basic premise of what the country was meant to be. It isn't radical to demand it.
In the 2016 election, many white women did all women wrong by deciding to support a system they thought had safety and comfort built into it for them. Some will do that again. I've talked to some white women who refuse to see what's written on every single damn wall.
But for those of us trying to change the world - probably most of the 18k or so people following me here - the reclamation of actuality from the fantastical storytelling of fascists is the goal. The story of America is one of both devastating crimes, & of dreams of equality.
Fascists have always been pretty good at telling stories. They like to portion out tiny scraps of "hero" designation to their followers, making them feel heroic for smashing down those who've already been smashed down for generations. Obviously, this isn't heroic.
Right now, some people feel heroic for defending a raging narcissist who's in an immensely powerful office. Again, that's not heroic. What *would* be heroic is achieving steps toward actual equality in a system that has no intention of granting basic rights to all its citizens.
1 of the tools we have is voting. We have others too: rewriting the narrative that claims oppression is heroic, that this achieves the goals of America's founders. I have no love for Heroic Founders tales, but I do have love for the never-achieved promise of equality for all.
I could talk about this all day, obviously, and I do. But today, I just want to say, raise your voice. You never know when someone who's been gaslit by promises offered by fascists might suddenly wake up. And VOTE. VOTE FOR STATE RACES AS WELL AS THE NATIONAL ONE. DO THE THING.
Also, because this needs saying, don't trust the polls. YOU HAVE TO VOTE. It's a damn pandemic & lines & weather, & still. Get your vote in, even if everyone you know is voting Blue. I know some on the other side, and they're part of large, in-denial religious voting blocs.
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